How To Get Rid of Crickets: Removing House Crickets

Get Tips for Setting out Cricket Traps

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Crickets are insects that make a recognizable, relaxing sound in the evening, or after a rainfall. When they “sing”, you know it's evening already. However, if the sound is heard from inside the house, it's time to be alarmed. Crickets feed on anything. If they happen to be in your closet, they will eat up your clothes, bags, belts, and shoes. In the kitchen, they eat up anything in the cupboard. In the living room, your couch and carpet are good cricket food, too. So how do you get rid of them, especially inside your home? Check out these tips for removing house crickets:

Find out how crickets get inside. Crickets originally thrive outdoors, but find their way inside our homes through small cracks in the walls, the windows, the doors and the roof. Inspect your entire house for cracks and holes, and seal these areas. Check the window and door screens for gaps and holes and cover them, or change your screens. Aside from keeping crickets and other insects out, avoid water leaks when it starts to rain. 

Find out the crickets’ ideal breeding place. Crickets like to breed in tall grasses, which is the reason their sounds are louder in the countryside, where grasses are free to grow as tall as they can. If these grasses grow near your house, then the crickets will find a way to migrate and live inside the house. These insects also live in warm, moist areas, usually where the grass clippings and leaves are dumped. It is best to place grass clippings and leaves in a compost dump in the farthest area in the backyard, so they will not jump from the dump to your home.

Clear the home of cricket attractions. Aside from having a compost dump far from the house, it's advisable to uproot grasses near the house. This should be a regular activity, aside from getting rid of unattractive weed. It also prevents insects from breeding. 

Make your own cricket trap. While insecticides may work for a while, it will only get rid of a few house crickets, and you need a lot of insecticide to have full insect control. One more effective and safer way to eliminate crickets is to make your own trap using only a jar, water and molasses. Place a solution of water and molasses in a clean jar, which will serve as the trap. Place the jar in an area where you notice a loud cricket sound. The crickets will be attracted to the “smell” of the molasses, and will enter the jar. The insects will drown in the solution and will find it hard to escape because the jar is enclosed on the sides. The crickets will no longer fly straight up to escape. The traps should be regularly changed and cleaned, otherwise, when they dry up, they might become a breeding ground for more kinds of insects.


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