How To Get Rid of Field Mice

Field mice can be a problem for homeowners especially if the cooler season seeps in. These rodents are warm blooded like humans. They will naturally seek warmer spots to spend their time. Your home is the perfect area for those conditions. Rodents are not only potential food thieves but they can be health risks as well. Here are some tips on how to mice-proof your home and get rid of them:

  1. As the season goes to the cooler days, the field mice will try to get into warmer places in which your home is a good place to be. Mice-proof your house by inserting steel wool in small cracks and openings in which field mice might gain access into your house. Remember that these little furry animals can squeeze in little openings or holes. The most common place the field mice will most likely go is the area under your kitchen sink. Be sure you have checked and blocked all possible cracks in that particular area.
  2. Instead of using a chemical pesticide, you can use soda pop. Fortunately mice love the smell and the taste of soda pop that they will not resist drinking into it. Pour some soda pop onto a shallow dish and place it in areas where the mice are most likely to show up. They will drink the soda pop and will eventually die. The carbonization of the liquid is probably the reason they die from it.
  3. Another human food that is effective in getting rid of field mice is mashed potatoes. Remember to use the instant variety and not the natural potatoes. The mice will eat the instant mashed potatoes and will fill themselves up before they can be digested.
  4. Remove any left over food or any spilled food on your floors and other potential food sources in your garbage cans. Segregate the food trash from the non-biodegradable and securely seal your food trash so it will not give out the smell to attract the field mice into your home.
  5. Keep your house clean and in order. Keep your children’s toys neatly arranged and not placed in a pile where rodents can easily hide under. Neatly hung and fold your dresses in your dress drawers and cabinets. Seal and secure your glass containers in your kitchen to avoid rodents from climbing in and trapping themselves. Rodents are attracted to places that they can climb into and hide.
  6. If you have pets like dogs and cats, keep the pet food sealed to avoid it being raided by field mice. Pet food is attractive to mice and they can easily gnaw their way into the packages. Transfer pet food into a plastic container that is sealed or has a cover to prevent the field mice from feasting on them and keep them coming back for more.

You can always enlist the help of a professional exterminator if your mice problem is getting too hard to handle. But always remember that the way you live and your cleanliness can be contributing elements to mice invasion. If your house is always clean and free from food trash, your chances of mice getting into your home are slim.


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