How To Get Rid of Fleas without Harmful Chemicals

The market is full of pesticides that contain harmful chemicals and claim they are safe for humans and pets. Oftentimes, these products are not safe for any living being especially when you have pets in the house that crawl and lick on floors. When it comes to pets and flea control, you should go for products that do not use harmful chemicals. Your pets are susceptible to health risks, as they stay on the floor most of the day to play, to eat, to sleep, etc. Sometimes they cannot avoid licking the floor or eating food off the floor. Protect your family and pets from flea infestation without using harmful chemicals. Here is how:

  1. The basic thing you should know about fleas is that they carry certain diseases that can harm your health and that of your pet. They can cause heartworm to your pet, which is a potentially dangerous health condition. Another thing to remember is that fleas multiply rapidly. The longer you stall in controlling them, the more they multiply and will make the infestation uncontrollable.
  2. One way to get rid of fleas without using harmful chemicals is to use your dishwashing liquid soap. Do not use the dishwashing liquid directly on the areas of your house. You should dilute it in water by putting half of the dishwashing soap and half of water and mixing them well in a clean bottle sprayer. Spray the solution to carpets and areas that your pets frequent to kill fleas. Covering them with soap suds can suffocate them. Let the area or the carpet completely dry before taking a vacuum cleaner to scoop up the dead fleas and their eggs. If you have a really bad flea infestation, you have to repeat this process.
  3. Another way to get rid of fleas without harmful chemicals is to simply use your vacuum cleaner to scoop up the fleas hiding in your carpet or floors. To make this more effective, drop in a few moth balls in your vacuum dust bag before scooping up fleas. The moth balls will smother the fleas therefore killing them.
  4. There is an organic material called diatomaceous earth that is safe for pets and humans at a certain extent. Diatomaceous earth however contains silica that is harmful when used in excess. Sprinkle the diatomaceous powder lightly on carpets, areas under your chairs, on sofas and areas where your pets have taken a fancy to sleep. After a few minutes, vacuum the areas where you sprinkled the powder.
  5. The safest way to get rid of fleas without harmful chemicals is to use table salt. Sprinkle table salt on corners and areas where your pets frequent.

Always remember that in order for you to get the full benefits of a flea-free house, your pets should be bathed weekly with a flea control shampoo. You should take preventive measures of letting the fleas back into your home and your pets. Consult you veterinarian for approved flea control programs and let him be aware of your activities that concern your pets as well.


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