How To Get Rid of Flying Termites

Picture of termites

It’s almost unbelievable to think that small insects, with their combined forces, can totally destroy your house. Flying termites are only one of the many kinds of destructive insects. Getting rid of them as early as possible is the best solution because the longer you wait, the more time they have for destructions. Don’t worry if you have no idea how to get rid of flying termites. The following are worth a try for this operation:

  • Destroy the termite nests. Termites can safely and conveniently reproduce themselves because of their large colony. Destroying their nests will at least make them busy about building new nests. So, if you ever see termite nests, make sure to scrape them off as soon as possible. Use a glass scraper to do this.
  • Orange oil. Besides the nice smell, orange oil also has the power to get rid of flying termites. Simply pour the oil, pure oil, in your spray bottle. You may add a little water if you wish but make sure the orange oil is more in quantity compared to water. Spray the oil on areas where there are many termites. Remember those nests you scraped away? Spray some oil on them, too. Spray in areas where termites might move to and build new nests. This is a good way to prevent any reproduction of more flying termites.
  • Get a flying termite exterminator product. Termidor SC is one of the most widely used. This can be expensive, though, with about $60 tag price. It can make a lot of gallons. For example, every 20 oz of Termidor SC bottle can already make about 24 pesticide gallons. You don’t spray this thing, though. You have to pour this unto the termite colony. It’s best to pour some pesticides near wooden structures or wooden parts of the house.
Another good brand of termite pesticide is the Phantom Termiticide. This is a bit cheaper than the first product. This is also great if you don’t want the termites to detect the pesticide’s presence. This way, you don’t only scare away the termites, you trap and totally get rid of them.
  • Buy termite baits. Your nearest home depot should have some good brands of termite baits. Try any of those brands. Wise placing of the baits is the best strategy on this. Make sure you put the baits in areas where termites are usually visible. Check the baits from time to time and replace them when the trapped flying termites are already dead.
  • Hire a professional flying termite exterminator. If none of the above techniques work, better consider hiring a professional. This can be your most expensive option but at least, this is also the surest. Professionals are well-trained and well-experienced in getting rid of any house pests like flying termites. When hiring a professional, it’s best that you compare your options and do a background check of the company before hiring them. It will be a big waste of money if you happen to hire the inexperienced professionals.

Whichever of these options you try, it’s always best that you read the product label carefully before using it. Pesticides and baits can be harmful to kids and pets. Also, always remember that it’s always best to get rid of the flying termites as soon as possible than wait for them to grow to uncontrollable number.


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