How To Get Rid of Gnats

Gnats are those tiny flying insects that buzz around and are annoying. These are also called fruit flies or vinegar flies. They thrive on rotten foods and anything that decays. A kitchen that is not kept clean will surely have gnats flying around. It is very disturbing to note that one gnat can lay over two hundred eggs, which explains why when you leave a banana peel for a few hours, you’ll find gnats hovering around it. Even fresh uneaten bananas are home to gnats when they become over ripe. 

While these insects are known to be harmless, we do not welcome their presence. The presence of insects indicate that there is something rotten around. So how to get rid of gnats? Let us take these considerations:

Keep the kitchen clean. This is the number one rule not just the kitchen, but in the entire house as well. All vegetable and fruit peels should be placed in a container that can be covered and sealed, until they are placed in the compost or picked up by the garbage collector. Some families even place them in the refrigerator temporarily so gnats will not hover over them. 

Houseplants and wet compost also attract and breed gnats. When houseplants are watered, make sure they are not too wet. Put the plants outside alternately every other week so that any insect that might be breeding in the plants will be removed. 

Sink drains are also breeding places for gnats. One tip is to pour boiling water to the sink regularly to kill any insects that might already be breeding there, including cockroaches. Dirty kitchenware and dishes should be cleaned immediately, and do not let them stand overnight, as this also attracts gnats.

Clean up your backyard. Compost pits should be covered with dry dirt every time. When placing a new batch of compost waste, remove the upper layer of dirt, place the new compost waste, then cover it up again with the dry dirt until all compost is totally covered. Plants should also not be over watered, since damp soil with rotting leaves also attracts gnats. 

Cover up your home. Keep gnats away by sealing cracks, holes and gaps in the walls, windows and doors of your house. It is possible that gnats from the backyard come inside through these holes. 

Use insecticides. There are insecticides to get rid of gnats. Be cautious in choosing a brand. Make sure to choose one that is not harmful to household pets and children. If the gnats seem to multiply uncontrollably despite cleaning up the entire house, then you may consider fogging your home to totally get rid of gnats and all other insects. 

Use home made anti gnat solutions.  One home made solution is to put vinegar in a jar, and place a cover in the lid with small holes. Gnats are known to be attracted to the scent of vinegar. With this method, gnats will fly inside the jar and will find it hard to go out since the holes in the lid are small. 

Another solution is to put vegetable oil in the sink and the drain. This serves as a trap since gnats will stick to the oil and will not be able to fly.


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