How To Get Rid of Moles

Moles (as in the small, furry animals) are not necessarily dangerous, but they are pests in the way that they could dig tunnels and ruin your home’s landscaping. It might be a little hard to get rid of them, because they live mostly underground and they have big families. It’s recommended that you consult with a professional pest-control company in order to effectively and speedily get rid of them; however, there are some ways you could get rid of mole infestations yourself, especially if they have just found their way into your property. Here are some of the guidelines to remember for you to get rid of moles:

  • Detect the areas that the moles actively tunnel in. This should be your first step. Mole trails and tunnels will obvious by telltale mounds and obvious lines on the surface of the ground. To find out if the moles actively pass through these tunnels, stomp an area of it with your foot; if it gets repaired within 48 to 72 hours, then chances are high that moles regularly pass by it.
  • Create a trap within one of the active tunnels. You should carefully dig through one of the mole’s active tunnels and place a jar directly underneath it. Then, cover the jar with a thin layer of soil. (Do this step, because moles are naturally suspicious and they might catch on that you are trying to trap them). Once the mole passes through this runway, it would fall into the jar. Check the jar the next day to see if you’ve got yourself a critter.
  • Flood out the mole tunnels. The key here is to make sure that you flood an active tunnel; it’s going to be useless to flood a tunnel that moles no longer pass through. Use a regular garden hose, and then fill up the tunnel with water. Watch out for signs of an escaping mole, and be ready to catch it.
  • Block the moles out from your garden. To keep moles away from your garden, install fences at the outer edges and make sure that they reach at least two feet below the surface. This is especially effective for small gardens, and would prohibit moles from finding their way to your property.
  • Consider watering your lawn a little less. Moles feed on grubs and earthworms, and they are at places where there is food to eat. You might want to consider watering your lawn less frequently, so that earthworms will be reduced.
  • Catch the moles by observing them during periods of activity. If you have a midmorning to an afternoon to spare, you could prepare a shovel and watch your lawn, concentrating primarily on the mole’s active tunnels. Then, watch out for signs of movement. Once you determine where moles are actively moving, stab the tunnel with your shovel, turn it around, and flip the shovel to put the mole onto the surface of the ground. You could do this during the early morning, around noon and before dinner (contrary to popular belief, moles are not nocturnal creatures). Trapping moles is best to do during spring and fall, because during the rest of the year they tend to stay deeper underground.

There you have it! These are some suggestions to get rid of moles. Definitely you would need a lot of patience in order to succeed in this endeavor. Good luck, and hope this helped you out!


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