How To Get Rid of Rats and Mice without Harming Pets

If your home were infested with rats or mice, these little critters would run around your home and even scamper near your feet. It's a creepy feeling these hairy creatures could give you, and you don't even know where they come from or how they got inside your place.
Initially, one rat or two won't really bother you that much but as time goes by, they seem to multiply and, then, things would start going out of control.  You might find your expensive clothes you gnawed by these pests.  They partake of the food you stock in the cabinets, too.  It's just like sharing with them everything that you have--but without your consent.  The worse thing that would trigger your frustration and anger is the fact that these rats carry with them diseases.  With their presence in your house, you are already at risk of getting sick eventually.

  • Poison.  You have to do something to destroy or eradicate them for good. One immediate move that probably comes to your mind is to poison them, of course, but then you must not forget that you also have pets at home. Your pets are brought into the same fatal risk because they too might eat the poisoned food.  Don't use rat poison unless there is a professional exterminator to do it for you. Call an exterminator if you have no more choice against the rats or mice around your place.  But, before spending a fortune, you may try the following few steps first:
  • Seal up and clean up.  Since most of these rodents just go after the food, try sealing your groceries and food, and keep these in places that rats couldn't reach easily. Clean up every spill and don't leave your fruits on top of your tables. Other potential targets for rats to gnaw on should also be kept away from them.
  • Traps.  You can place rat traps with food chunks to bait the rats. There are several kinds of traps. Choose one that is effective in pinning down or killing a rat all right.  There are varieties of traps that you can choose from.  Snap traps are the ones where you put food on as bait for the rats. It sure can catch and kill those rats.  Single-catch live traps are a less-cruel option if you don't want to hurt animals, even rats or mice. It can catch a rodent alive. You just have to deal with it after it is caught.  Multicatch traps are made to catch many rodents alive in just one box.  Glue traps are made of wood or cardboard and are coated with sticky glue. The rats would get stuck on the board until they suffocate to death or die from dehydration or starve to death.  In choosing a trap, however, take into consideration the safety of your pets. After having your chosen trap, you have to put them in places, such as inside cabinets or corners that could not be reached by your pets.
  • Proper handling.  When you catch these rodents, you must wear gloves when picking and throwing them away. And, remember to wash yourself before petting your pets later on.

These are some of the effective ways to make your home peaceful and safe from pests. You can also clean and tidy up your surroundings because rats and mice like dirty places. Don't make your home too inviting or attractive for them.


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