How To Get Rid of Rats in Mobile Home Insulation

If you live in a mobile home, you are most likely prone to rodent infestation, particularly rats and mice.  Rats really don’t care much about whether it’s a fixed building or a mobile home that they’re living in.  All they care about are the conditions of living.  If your mobile home has areas that have perfect and hospitable conditions for rats and mice to settle in, inhabit, and multiply, then these furry critters will definitely be attracted to those areas.  In fixed buildings, rats love to nest in walls, especially the space behind wooden walls.  In mobile homes, the insulation is a perfect place for rats to nest in.

Rats are very annoying.  They are not called pests for nothing.  They run around your place and often give you unwanted surprises at unexpected times of the day.  They gnaw at stuff around the house and won’t even stop at electrical wiring.  They also can damage clothes and food.  Worse than these, rats and mice can be vectors of disease.  Their droppings and urine, for example, can spread leptospirosis, which can be very fatal.  So, you need to get rid of these pests before they make you sick or destroy your home and belongings further.

To get rid of rats residing in your mobile home insulation, you can try these suggestions:

Look for their entry points.  Rats can’t settle in with you if they have no entry points.  If you have rats in your mobile home, and you are sure that your doors and windows are tightly sealed, you can be sure that they are entering your mobile home in some other hole that you have not yet discovered.  Look for those openings.  Rats’ bodies are very flexible.  They may look big, but their bodies can flex to fit into any opening that their small heads can fit into.

Buy mouse traps.  They are widely available and cheap.  Most hardware shops sell these.  Place these rat traps near the entry points.  To draw the rodents to your rat traps, place bait on the traps.  The favorite of rats is peanut butter and cereals.  Cheese is not really a good bait.  Cheese is overrated.  Use cereals or peanut butter instead.

Block the entry points.  If you want, you can seal up the entry points with whatever sealant you think is appropriate.  You can try putty or cement.  A less costly alternative is to block of their entrances with steel wool.  Rats and mice won’t be able to chew on steel wool.  Steel wool is easy to plug into small holes, as well.

Use rat poison.  This can be a drastic solution, and may even not be an option at all, especially if you are an animal lover.  Standard rat poison is very effective for exterminating rats, but if you want a more organic solution, you can use natural rat poison, which is usually safe to use around pets or children.

Call the rat cops.  As a last resort, you can seek help from pest exterminators.  They have the expertise and the tools for eradicating pests such as rats from your mobile home.

Don’t let the rats proliferate in your mobile home.  If you keep them out of your private space, you will be able to avoid rat-spread diseases, as well as physical damage to your food and belongings.


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