How To Get Rid of Scorpions

Black scorpion

Scorpions are poisonous. They stay in grasslands and savannahs, forests, and caves. They also visit homes, especially those houses with piles of firewood nearby. They should be avoided, and they should not be kept as pets, because of their dangerous stings and bites. A scorpion sting is venomous. However, some are not deadly, although they should nevertheless be avoided. The pain and other symptoms subside within 24 hours.  Scorpions have an elongated body with a segmented tail curved over its back. They appear in yellow, blue, reddish brown and black colors.

  • Scorpions come to houses for shelter and something to drink. Patch masonry cracks and dry sinks and bathtubs so these animals will not visit them.

  • Scorpions dwell in cool and dark places, so inspect folded blankets and clothes hung on chairs for possible scorpion hiding places.

  • Inspect and repair wall voids, air conditioner ducts, and attics as possible hiding places.

  • Keep firewood away from the home. Do a pesticide application surrounding your house. Scorpions will keep away from the perimeter.

  • Remove landscape timbers and other outdoor harborages.

  • Seal all points of entry into your house. Look for the tiniest space that scorpions could enter. They love to stay in outdoor faucets, air conditioner ducts and any cracks and crevices.

  • Apply insect pesticides in your garage and basement areas.

  • Clean up your surroundings. Never provide a suitable place for them to get under. Watch out for any scorpions crawling near you while you are doing the clean up.

  • Make your home uninviting for scorpions. Do not provide them food, water or  shelter.

  • Dirty laundry, especially when wet, is very inviting for scorpions. Do not give them any hiding place.

  • Introduce a predator. Cats are good hunters. They would not eat the scorpion but they will kill them. Chickens are also good predators. They eat anything, bugs, worms and anything they can find - even scorpions.

Although scorpions can also be considered predators because they eat bugs, spiders and even small scorpions, they should not be allowed to live with people. They provide some good pest control, but they also harm people with a venomous sting. Scorpions have no place in the home.


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