How To Get Rid of Snakes without Chemicals

The common option people resort to when getting rid of snakes is snake repellent. But many homeowners who have tried snake repellents don’t find them effective. What makes them even more unappealing is that these chemically made repellents can also cause harm to humans and the environment. The best, and perhaps the only, solution is to manually remove snakes. That sounds a little scary, but here are some tips to help you.

Identify the snake. Before hunting for the snake, first make sure if it is venomous or non-venomous. If it is venomous, it is much better to call a professional to deal with the snake. If it is non-venomous, you can remove it yourself.

Make sure your property is clean of potential snake hideout. Snakes generally want to reside in cool, shady places with bushes and tall grasses. This then makes backyard and garden ideal snake hideouts. So to keep your property free of snakes, the most logical thing to do is to trim all your grasses and remove all thick bushes and shrubs. Take note of your compost pin and garbage cans, too, and make sure they don’t have mice or other creatures in them that snakes may feed on. Also, seal holes and cracks in your house, which snakes can wiggle their selves into.

Prepare a bucket of water. When you have identified the snake and made sure your property is already snake-proof, you can now prepare to go snake hunting. First, prepare a bucket of water into which you will put the captured snake. It must have a lid to make sure the snake won’t slither out. You can also make use of a box in place of a bucket of water. Again, it should have a covering.

Utilize snake tongs. If you have found the snake, pick it up using snake tongs. Just grab the snake by the middle of its body or by the part a few inches from its head. Do not pick it right by the head or tail because it will most likely slide off the tongs. If you don’t have snake tongs, a rake can function as well. Just the same, avoid the head and tail parts.

Make use of snake trap. A snake trap is an effective way to get rid of a snake that is lingering around your property. It has a sticky pad that keeps the snake trapped once the pad touches the snake’s body. When ensnared, the snake can’t squirm its way out. In fact, the more he struggles to break free, the more stuck it gets. The snake trap is enticing to the snake’s sense of smell, so you are assured that wherever you place it, the snake will find its way to the trap. Removing the snake from the trap is easy. Just mist vegetable oil over the snake’s body or use tongs and release it to the bucket of water or box you earlier prepared.

Never resort to killing the animal. Not only is it harmful to the environment—snakes are preying on rodents, and killing them might cause ecological imbalance—it is also plain inhumane. If you can’t get rid of snake on your own without harming the animal, it is much better to call a wildlife conservation professional. He has a better way of dealing with the snake.


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