How To Get Rid of Spiders in Landscaping

Image of a yellow spider

Because they feed on insects that can otherwise ruin your plants, spiders are naturally beneficial to landscapes. The only problem is that spiders somewhat lend an unpleasant appeal to your landscape. Their webs, specifically, are horrible to look at. Needless to say, one single spider and a web can belie the efforts you put in beautifying your landscape. So what you need to do is get rid of the spiders as soon as you take note of them. Here are the things you can do.

Take away all potential food sources. The reason the spiders stay in the landscape is because they have abundant supply of food. Therefore, the best way to eradicate their population is to extricate all potential meals, which include insects and pests that are damaging to the plants. You can get rid of them by using pest controls.

Poke the spider web. If you notice a spider web suspended somewhere in your landscape, immediately get a stick and poke the web. Then, roll your stick into the web until it disengages from the structure it is attached to. Avoid touching the spider, much so kill it. The most you can do is allow it to run for its life.

Hose down the spider web. Another way to get rid of spiders is to knock down its web using a hose. Do this at least a foot from the landscape, so you won’t risk destroying the plants and structures near the web. Notice that as you destroy its web, the spider will again speedily escape. Let it go.

Use spider repellents. Spider repellents can be as simple as peppermint essential oil and monkey balls (Hedge Apple). They are all natural and won’t pose any danger to your plants. Only make sure that when you apply such repellents, your children and pets are not in close distance to the landscape.

Use spider pesticide. Spider pesticide should be your last resort. It should be used only if and when spiders have multiplied quite notably and lead to your landscape destruction. Be guided when choosing a pesticide. Talk to a garden expert or nursery man who can advise you about the best spider pesticide to use. And remember to use and apply it according to the specific instructions provided in the pesticide label. Just a reminder, though: When you use a pesticide, be open to the fact that it can kill other beneficial insects, too.

Clean your landscape as often as needed. Messy landscape attracts spiders, so make sure to regularly clean your landscape. Take away all dried leaves and branches. Sweep away dirt. And put away structures and landscape items that have ceased to being of use.

Understand that there is no temporary way to get rid of spiders. A few days after you destroy their webs, they will come again and spin new webs. It’s okay; just center your efforts on controlling their population and getting rid of them as soon as they re-appear.


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