How To Get Rid of Spiders in the Basement

Spider making web

The basement is one of the areas in the house where spiders want to make a shelter. It’s an ideal place because it usually is overlooked, left dingy and invaded by bugs and critters. And wherever there are bugs and critters, spiders are most likely present, as spiders feed on these insects. So what to do with a spider-filled basement? Here are some tips to help you.

Clean the basement. The most logical thing you can do is to thoroughly clean your basement. Remove all things that can possibly be a host to spider webs such as old furniture, worn-out appliances, and boxes of unusable things. Also, make sure there are no foods in the basement, fresh or otherwise. If you must keep foods in the basement, make it a point that they are properly stored in the refrigerator and that all food containers are tightly sealed. You might need to clean your basement as often as you can, possibly more often than you clean other areas of your house, to keep the bugs and critters and, ultimately, spiders away. The thing here is to make the basement less attractive to spiders.

Use spider repellent. Spray spider repellent in areas where spiders are most likely to settle. These may include drawers, closets, corners, and backs of doors. Spider repellent may be a health hazard, so make sure there are no kids and pets around when you are using it. Also, slightly open the windows to avoid locking in the fumes. Purchase spider repellent from your most trusted home improvement store and use it strictly according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Use spider traps. Spider traps are sticky pads that work in about the same way as mouse boards. The pads have glue on the surface and ensnare spiders when they happen to crawl onto them. Place the spider traps in strategic areas, like behind the furniture and doors and under the cabinets.

Spray insecticide. Even if you successfully shooed away all present spiders, you will notice that in a few day’s time, your basement will again become a spider shelter. This is why you have to address the heart of the problem, and that’s the infestation of bugs, insects, and other critters. And you can do this by spraying insecticide. This will kill the spiders’ food supply and will eventually keep spider population to a minimum.

Scrape off egg sacs. Egg sacs are easy to notice. They are protected by layers of webbing and are stuck to the wall, furniture, or any hard surface. Get rid of them as soon as you notice them. Using a stick, scrape off the egg sacs until they fall to the floor. Scrub the surface with soapy water after. In place of a stick, you can also use the end of a broom.

If spider infestation is a big problem you can’t deal with yourself, perhaps it will help if you seek the help of professional spider exterminators. Although it will cost you some amount, you can be guaranteed of an expert service. What’s good about hiring professionals is that they will give you free service if they weren’t able to solve spider infestation the first time they treat your property. And that’s a good enough deal.


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