How To Get Rid of Spiders without Poison and Sprays

Poison and sprays have been used to get rid of spiders. Many people find them effective, but there is something to be said about them being chemically hazardous to human and animal health and the environment. Fortunately, there are ways to eliminate spiders without resorting to chemicals. Now that going green is the trend, organic ways to get rid of spiders have been discovered. Here are some of them.

  • Eucalyptus. A lot of people can swear by the effectiveness of eucalyptus as spider deterrent. You can use either eucalyptus leaves or oil. If you prefer leaves, just leave a few leaves anywhere the spiders want to hang around. Eucalyptus oil, on the other hand, can be mixed with water in equal amounts. Spray the areas with high density spider population, and in a few minutes, all the crawlies will likely be suffocated.
  • Oil. Aside from Eucalyptus oil, you can also make use of other essential oils like spearmint, peppermint, lavender, citronella, rose, and tea tree. Use any of the oil in about the same way you use Eucalyptus. In a small container, mix equal parts of oil and water. Shake the mixture to allow the oil and water to blend. Then, spray it to the areas spiders like to populate. Suffocation will then ensue, and all the spiders will be wiped out.
  • Hedge Apple. Hedge Apple, which is an Osage orange fruit, is proven effective in repelling spiders. You can buy it from a local or online store, or if you know of an Osage orange tree, you can pick fruits yourself. The only problem is that it is commonly available in the late summer or early fall. To use the fruits as a spider repellent, slice them into four, then leave them in areas where spiders populate—in the basement, room corners, crawl spaces, and behind the doors and windowsills. Hedge Apples can least for up to three months, only make sure to check them once in a while. They will turn into brown over time, and you will need to replace them with fresh fruits by then.
  • Vinegar. Spiders cannot tolerate anything acidic, vinegar included. And this makes vinegar an effective organic spider repellent. Just mix one part vinegar with one part water, and then spray the mixture to the spider hideouts.
  • Baking soda. You may be surprised that aside from the many cooking and household uses of baking soda, it can also function as spider deterrent. Just sprinkle baking soda in the spider-infested areas, and in a short span of time, spiders will all be gone.
  • Chestnut. Who would have thought that chestnut can keep spiders away? Many homeowners have tried putting chestnuts around their homes and have noticed that they are spider-free since.
  • Tobacco. This too will surprise you: tobacco acting as a spider repellent. Just boil a tobacco pipe in a gallon of water. Strain the juice and mix it with dish soap, preferably lemon variant. Then, spray the mixture to spider areas.

Like with most things, prevention is key to being spider-free. So what you should do is keep your house clean and make it as an uncomfortable habitat for spiders as you can. Because no matter how many organic spider repellents you apply to your house, spiders are likely to come back if they see sumptuous bugs and critters around your house.


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