How To Get Rid of Ants in Your Pantry

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Sometimes, you will find the occasional ant in your soup or glass of water. No problem right? It is after all just one measly ant. It can easily be removed from your food or drink. Well, sometimes, you can find a whole mess of ants in your food. Your pantry is filled with cereals, jams and other delectable items that both humans and ants enjoy. So what happens when the ants get to your food first? How do you get rid of ants in your pantry? Here is how:

  1. Food source removal. First thing to do is to remove all your food from the pantry. Place them together in spot you do not mind getting dirty because you have to remove the foods already inside your containers and jars. Inspect your food containers and clean them free of ants.
  2. Your spray. Fill a spray bottle with either lemon juice or a vinegar and water solution. There are many good remedies for keeping ants from places you do not want them in but since they have already made their way into your pantry, you need a quick and effective way of driving them out.
  3. First purge. Spray the pantry with whatever you decided to use and wipe away the ants that get hit in the crossfire. Make sure to get everything. When it is all clear, spray it again and wait.
  4. Second purge. Continue to spray the pantry after every hour or until ants stop trying to get in. Eventually, the ants will get the hint that they are not wanted will stop trying to get into the pantry. Make sure that you clean the area after every spraying.
  5. Find where the ants are coming from. Follow the trail of ants to their point of origin. If you can find the hole from which the ants come out of, spray some of your deterrence around the area to keep them from leaving. Seal the hole to prevent them from using it again.
  6. Make sure all food is properly sealed. Best way to keep the ants from getting back into your pantry is to make sure that all your food is sealed properly. Clip torn open bags of chips or place them in plastic containers and place them inside a plastic bag. Sandwich bags are also great containers. Make sure lids are securely fastened and wipe excess ketchup, jam and syrup from the bottles. Continue to spray your pantry every so often with your solution. You can also line the pantry with chalk. The calcium carbonate in the chalk will repel any invading ants.

Ants and other insects will always make a beeline for your pantry. That’s where the food is. You can never completely get rid of ants in your home. Their numbers are infinite. The best you can do is to repel their advances and fortify your home defenses. Regularly check for ants and the trails they leave to keep your food free of ants.


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