How To Give an Estimate to Build a Wooden Fence

It is sometimes a pain in the neck to get started on building your wooden fence. You would have to measure things, think about what wood to use, or nails to use, what the dimensions should be, and so much more. But building your fence yourself will save you the money and will give you the chance of interacting with your neighbors while doing the job.

It can lead to bonding time for your family too since you can ask your bigger kids to help around. You will only need the basic requirements such as pencil, measuring tape, paper and calculator and you are ready to go. You can even make this a business if you like. You just have to know how to give an estimate on building a fence.

  1. You should always know what kind of wood you or your client wants for the fence. Know how tall or how thick the posts should be and let him know the prices of the kind of wood he wants that two possible suppliers can offer, which include the cost of delivery. You must also know what color he would want for his fence. Let him choose between the usual color of white or brown. Some owners may be more adventurous and want different colors.
  2. You also have to know the area in which you are going to build the fence. What is the perimeter or the total length of the fence that you are going to build? You will use you measuring tape in measuring the perimeter. You should know the diagram that you or the client will want for the fence. It could be a simple quadrangular fence or with other shapes such as pentagonal or hexagonal perimeter.
  3. This will also depend on the area of the land that you are going to fence. You should know where the gates are located and the height of the fence and gate. There may also be some obstacles that you may find while measuring the perimeter of the land. You may encounter large boulders, trees or plants.
  4. Discuss with your family members or your client what to do with this. You should carefully mark your fence every ten feet so that you will always know the total perimeter. This will also keep you posted and not having a hard time remembering the dimensions. You should put a post on every ten feet to serve also as a land mark.
  5. Also put posts on every change of angle on the projected fence.
  6. Calculate the total cost of the materials. Calculate your budget for nails, cement (for posts), screws, paintbrush and paint. Do not forget your estimate for the labor of your services (in the event that you plan to be dealing with clients).

Having an estimate of anything that you would like to build or achieve is a good way so that you will know what to expect and not be short of money or resources.


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