How To Give Your Paving Slabs a New Lease on Life

Color Washing Patios and Paths

The great advantage of this process is that it can be applied to slabs that have already been laid, as well as un-laid slabs.

Step 1

Dilute the emulsion paint. Dilute a quantity of emulsion paint -- suitable for outdoor use -- with water to the proportions of approximately three quarters emulsion to one quarter water. The quantities are not critical, it depends how porous the cement surface is that you are painting. The paint should be thin enough that when applied it appears patchy. This should ensure that it is thin enough to partly soak into the surface, thus affording a good key on the cement.

This illustration shows the slabs in the process of being painted. Note the patchy finish which means the diluted paint is just the correct consistency.

Step 2

Paint each slab individually. If the slabs are already laid, be careful not to get wet paint on the mortar of any joints. This illustration shows the slab in the process of being washed off.

Step 3

Allow the paint to dry. After the paint is dry, lightly rub over the painted surfaces with a sponge sanding block, removing the majority of the paint and only leaving it in the recesses. Keep the surface wet as you work, washing off the removed paint as you go

NOTE: Once the paint has dried it will not stain the joins or other unpainted slabs when it is rubbed off and washed down.

If correctly applied, the coloring will last indefinitely and will not wear away or peel, even under the most severe weather conditions. This illustration shows the finished product.

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