How To Grow Crocus Flower Bulbs

The early spring is made joyful by crocus blooms. Anyone who loves flowers would love to see the sprouting blooms of the crocuses. Unlike the thistle plants, the crocus is not aggressive. In fact after blooming in spring, it fades away from the scene. It goes dormant but it produces many corms. Crocus plants bloom in the spring with beautiful small flowers. It has many colors and may be grown in pots to separate each color. Because of its characteristics of brightening up the landscape after winter, many people plant it in their gardens and leave it there until its blooming time.

To grow crocus flower bulbs, a gardener needs to do the following:

  1. Select a space in your backyard where you want your crocuses to grow. A good spot is where they can catch your attention, especially during their first bloom.
  2. Prepare the soil by loosening it. The location must be sunny and the soil not excessively wet or soggy. Provide your plant a rich bed of soil for their growth. Fertilizers for bulbs are needed to give good soil so they must be added as part of the preparation.
  3. Add some coarse or fine sand to the soil to expand its drainage.
  4. Plant the corms or bulbs on the soil either in singles to give better room for growth, or in groups. The plant is not sensitive in overcrowded areas.
  5. Planting the bulbs could be done through a bulb planter or a trowel. But for personalized work, just push the plants into the soil. The depth could be about two inches then a thin layer of fertile soil is put on top.
  6. Watch the plants grow and bloom. You will notice that the cycle is grow-bloom-die-grow again-bloom-die. The plant dies naturally as you can see - but it is not true death. The plant only stores energy in preparation for next year's blooming.
  7. Remove the dead leaves of the dead crocus. You can replant the bulbs to renew its growth.

"Crocus" is the Latin word meaning Saffron. This means that our saffron crocus got its name from the Latin Saffron whose flowers are used in most of our expensive menu. Thousands of crocus flowers are gathered before a small amount of Saffron can be collected. That makes a menu expensive.

Crocuses prosper in cold to average winter climates, and not in hot climates. They are small bulbs so they dry faster than large corms. Early autumn is the best time to plant them. No shaded area is needed because they like open air with more sunshine.

Crocuses are amongst the most well-liked of the initial spring bloomers. Their yellow, white, blue and light red flowers can add color to your lawn. You can plant them in an elegant group or use them to satisfy your love of flowers. Growing crocus flower bulbs gives one a sense of duty. With a small crocus flower appreciation, these plants will give you a lifetime of enjoyment.


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