How To Grow Grapes

Caring for grapes

Growing grapes is a challenge for a lot of people. Most of the time, people who own vineyards are the ones who become successful in this kind of task. However, this does not mean that growing grapes by yourself is just a dream these days. By arming yourself with the right knowledge and proper techniques, growing grapes is possible even in your backyard.

There are also a lot of factors that must be closely checked such that if you commit just one mistake, growing grapes will already become impossible. So here, check out this guide to help you in successfully growing this vine:

  • Find the right grape variety. It is very important that your choice of grapes is perfect for the kind of climate and soil in your locality. Ask a nursery professional to help you know the right variety that will successfully grow in your area.
  • Select a good site. Grapes must be planted in areas with full access to sunlight. This is very important for a successful fruit production. Take note that if you plant grapes in shady areas, they will be inviting fungus disease over time.
  • Plant the grapes. Grab cuttings from the nursery and plant them in the perfect location. Make sure that the soil is cultivated so that it is loamy, fast draining, and loose. Then, add around 23 to 36 inches of organic compost to support a good growing process for the vines.
  • Build support for the vine. Build a trellis in the spot where the grapes are planted. This will provide support to the grapes and will also help the fruit to be lifted away from the soil. If the fruit grows near the soil, you will be surprised that they will turn rotten easily.
  • Trim vines. Take control of the vines by pruning dormant stems.  When you trim the vines, remove around 75 percent to 90 percent of their growth from the previous season. Do not forget to do this because this helps in maintaining the health of the grapes. Plus, it improves fruit production and ripening conditions.
  • Throw a net over the grapes. As harvest time grows near, birds can feast on the fruits. To protect your precious harvest from these birds, throw a net over the fruits and vines.
  • Harvest on time. It is often a mistake of a lot of grape growers to harvest the fruits before they are actually ripe. The change in color of the grapes is not an indication that they are already ripe. It usually takes around two weeks after the fruits change in color before they can be ready for harvest. To make sure that the fruits are ready, use a refractometer to identify their sugar content.

Whether you wish to snack on some fresh fruits or make some great-tasting wines, you can successfully do so following the right steps. So don’t just go ahead and plant some grapes. Study the needs and nature of these vines first before digging up your soil. This is true whether you plan a big plantation of grapes or just a small backyard project.


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