How To Grow Grass

Do you ever wish that your lawn was as beautiful and green as your neighbor's? If you think the grass is really greener "on the other side", it may be time to take better care of your lawn. Here's how to grow grass that will be green and healthy.

Step 1

Prepare the soil. Dig up the soil so that it will be loose when you plant the grass. This is especially important if your dirt is hard packed. At least use a metal rake; if you really want your grass to grow well, consider digging it up with a shovel or using a rototiller. If you already have an existing lawn but it could use some improving, you'll need to decide whether to work with the existing lawn or tear it out. You may want to keep the existing lawn because it'll be less work, but you'll probably have much better results by starting from scratch.

Step 2

Start with good materials. To plant new grass, you'll need grass seed and fertilizer. Make sure that both are formulated for your climate and soil type. Depending on your soil, you may also need to put down a few inches of topsoil to help the grass grow. If you have a poorly-performing lawn already, look to the existing soil as a possible culprit.

Step 3

Plant the grass seed. Sprinkle grass seed onto the ground where you'd like to grow your lawn. Make sure it is not likely to rain in the next day or so; this can wash away the lightweight grass seeds. Tamp it down by stepping on the soil lightly after you have seeded it. If you are planting more grass where a sparse lawn already exists, sprinkle grass seed on the areas that need it. A few days after the planting, water thoroughly. Do not use a high-powered spray, as this can wash away your seeds.

Step 4

Take care of your grass. Water your yard frequently unless it rains. If you want lush green grass during the summer months, this is an especially important step. If you have a large lawn, consider installing a sprinkler system that will water your yard without fail. Use fertilizer sparingly, but don't forget to use it; especially if you have poor soil that lacks a lot of the nutrients your grass needs.

If you want to have a yard the neighbors will envy, start with your grass. It probably sounds easy to plant grass and get it to grow, but there are a few tricks for how to grow grass that will be beautiful and healthy. The best way to grow grass is to start from scratch, but you can also make a beautiful lawn grow to take the place of your currently sparse planting of brown and dying grass.


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