How To Grow New Grass Fast

So, you have committed yourself to grassing up your lawn. Yes, this is a good idea. The appeal of your home will greatly increase with a nice lawn displayed at the front and back yards. That said you have probably laid out the grass sods and have done everything required to make your grass grow healthy. The problem is that grass growth takes time. So, if you do not have the luxury of time or simply want your lawn to fill up fast, then here are some tips on how to make your grass grow faster.

  • The initial watering. Upon laying on your sod or planting the seeds of your grass, watering will be crucial. Whatever is the case, you will definitely want to sprinkle water all over the areas where you planted on daily for the first 30 or so days. It is imperative that you keep the soil constantly moist. This is especially the case if the climate in your area is hot and dry. This type of light watering will encourage the grass to grow. In lieu of water, you can maybe consider hydro seeding. Hydro seeding is spraying your grass with a mixture of water, fertilizer and fibers that will help grow your young grass or seeds faster and at the same time, protect it from predators and pests. After the initial 30 days, when the grass has grown a bit taller and stronger, you can revert back to a less frequent watering schedule.
  • Let the sun in. Grass will definitely grow faster if they constantly get enough sunlight on a daily basis. The sun provides them energy, especially in the early stages. That said make sure to clean up the top part of the soil every so often with light raking in order to get sunlight through to the young grass and seedlings.
  • Say no to foot traffic. During the early growth, it is important that the grass remain traffic-free. This means that you should not allow anyone to step on the young grass. The same goes with machines and weighted equipment. The weight on the young grass will cause stress that could lead to the young sprout dying.
  • Keep it moist. As the grass grows, it is important to keep the soil moist. Grass needs water constantly. To water the grass, use a sprinkler and only water lightly. Over watering can be fatal to your grass especially when the sprouts are still tender.
  • Cut it. It may be ironic to cut grass when you want it to grow. Well, consider grass to be similar to  the hair on your head. The more you cut it, the thicker and longer it will grow. The same theory applies to grass provided that you cut it at the appropriate maturity level and the desired height you want the grass to be at. Supplement your grass mowing by applying a crabgrass preventive after the third cut. It will help you grow the grass faster and thicker.

With all these in mind, growing your grass should be a breeze. You should be able to enjoy a greener yard soon enough.


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