How To Grow Organic Tomatoes in Containers

Since the global food supply is projected to have shortages in the next decades, many people have taken the cue and converted the extra space in their homes into a nice fruit or vegetable garden, one that would produce all kinds of organic foods that could be beneficial when the time comes.

That said, growing organic tomatoes in your backyard may be a wise move on your part since tomatoes will likely become a sought after produce and organic fruits have a wonderful flavor. Here are some steps on how to grow organic tomatoes in pots and containers.

  • Select a container. Technically, you can use anything you find at home such as buckets, pails, and the like. Your really don’t need to buy the planters sold at your local garden supply centers. An unused pot or plastic container will do. If you do select one of your unused containers at home, know that you will need to prepare it for planting. First off, you will need to poke tiny holes at the bottom of each container you plant to use for drainage purposes. Once that is done, place a layer of gravel at the bottom, about an inch thick should do. This will serve as a sort of screen that will release the water out of the container but keep the soil and all its nutrients safely inside the pot. Once that is in place, prepare the potting mixture. Basically, you will want the media to be composed of about 2 parts soil and 1 part compost. Mix it properly so the ingredients will be saturated. When that is done, you will now be ready to plant your tomatoes.
  • Plant your tomatoes. Now that the container and the media are ready, the next step will be to transfer your seedling into the container. Basically, create some space in the soil, insert the seedling, and stabilize it by leveling the soil around it. It is as simple as that. If you are planting seeds, then all you have to do is create a 2 inch hole with your finger, place a couple of seeds in, and cover with the soil.
  • Fend off the pests. Pests cannot be helped. They will be magnetized to your plant thus, creating unimaginable damages. What you need to do is to prevent it by planting a couple of strong scented plants in the pot with your tomato seedling. A good plant to use is basil as its scent will scare off all of those tiny predators. Furthermore, you can use the basil for spice in your cooking as well when the time comes.
  • Tend regularly. Water, sunlight, and fertilizer will be required to ensure maximum growth and yield. Water your plant every morning, allow them to bask under the sun for about 3 to 4 hours daily, and apply a little fertilizer, one specifically designed for tomato plants, during the early stages. Doing all these will greatly enhance growth that should double or even quadruple your harvest.

Remember that it will be organic only if the growth of the plant is not aided by anything chemical. Insecticides and pesticides are a no-no. With enough care and love, your efforts will soon bear fruit by way of nice and healthy tomatoes.


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