How To Grow Peach Trees from Seed

Photo of ready to pick peaches
Juicy and scrumptious, peaches are the sweetest, most delicious fruits of summer. They’re highly versatile fruits that you can bake into a pie, use as toppings for cakes, serve chilled with ice cream, make jam from and about a hundred different ways to enjoy them.

Peach trees grown from the seed can take three to four years to grow from seedling to a fruit-bearing tree. With a little patience, a little know-how and some few basic gardening tips, you can grow a peach tree from the seed in your own backyard.

Here are a few tips on growing peach trees from the seed:

  • Gather the pits. This is the fun part of growing the peach tree, getting the whole family to gather peach pits. Take them to peach orchards and have everyone gather as much peach pits as possible as not all peach seeds are viable to grow into trees. Of course you can buy peach pits and seeds from farmer’s markets but where’s the fun in that?
  • Take a temperature. Be mindful of the weather in your area. Peach tree saplings need to be constantly watered and the soil beneath them kept moist. So if you’re planting them in more temperate, dryer climates, you may need to water them more often than if you live in cooler climates.

Different methods of growing from seeds:

  • Stratification Method. Peach seeds need to get cold before they sprout, which is weird considering peaches are summer fruits. Stratification is the technical name for this process. Gather your seeds during the summer and store them in your refrigerators until the fall when you can plant them. Select a plot of land in the backyard where you can plant them. Dig 4 inch deep holes in a row and place the seeds in them. Depending on the pH levels in your soil, you may need to mulch the area as well.
  • Germination Method. If you live in cooler, wintry climates, count three months before your last frost date. Mark this date on your calendar. Take a small cup or pot and fill it with potting soil or compost. This is where your peach seeds will stay while you wait out for spring to come around. Take your seeds and put them in the pots, water the soil just enough so that they’re damp and not soggy. Zip up the pot in Ziploc bags and store them in your refrigerator until the date you marked on your calendar comes around. With the sun shining brightly and temperature at 70 degrees, take the pot out and transplant it to your garden. After you plant it in the ground, make sure it’s well mulched and watered as peach trees need moist, damp soil to grow into proper trees.

If you’ve planted the peach seeds properly you should have a fully functioning peach tree in three to four years from planting them. Growing a peach tree requires some patience and meticulous care on your part but once those trees start bearing fruit, your time, patience and conscientiousness will be well rewarded by a juicy, sweet peach!


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