How To Grow Potatoes in Tires

Growing your own vegetables can be very rewarding, most especially potatoes, which are a common staple in the dining tables. Potatoes are quite sturdy and easy to maintain and they do not really take up a lot of space. If in case your house is spatially challenged, you can use old tires to grow the potatoes in them.

  • Getting your location right. The first thing you need to do is to select a location where in you will get the most direct sunlight. Once you find a spot, this is where you will place your tire. Fill your tire with soil and loosen the upper portion of your soil for easier planting, with the use of a garden hoe. It would be best to have some sort of shelter nearby where you can easily move your potato plantation in case weather in your area becomes really extreme. For best results, it is good to have some form of compost or fertilizer mixed with your garden soil. Make sure that the area where you place your plantation has good drainage as well. You do not want stagnant water lurking around near your home.
  • Planting your potato seeds. The next step would be for you to plant your potato seeds. You can do this by taking roughly four pieces and burying them around 2 inches deep into your top soil. Make sure that the packing of the soil is just right, not too packed and not too loose. When planting your seeds, it is best to space them quite evenly apart so that they do not grow on top of each other. It would also be good to place a small date marker on when you planted your seed so that you can track how long it takes for them to fully grow.
  • Waiting for your seedlings to grow. For most gardeners, this is the hard part: waiting for your plants to grow. Water your seedlings a bit and leave them to grow. Soon, they will grow to the length of around 8 inches. When they reach this point, this is the time to add another layer of tire on top of the original one. Fill the tire around half way with loose top soil again. Make sure that you do not bury your plant completely. Add some more compost when you add a new layer of top soil to keep your potato plants well nourished. After all, you will be the end beneficiary of the well grown potato plant.
  • Repeat until the fourth tire. Every time your potato plant grows around eight inches of sprout, place another tire on top of the last one until you have stacked 4 tires on top of each other.
  • Harvesting your potatoes. You will know when you have good enough potatoes for harvest when the flowers that have sprouted out have died. This would be roughly 3 to 4 weeks after they have started flowering.

Once you get the hang of it, you can increase your plantation to a couple more of tires. Not only will you be able to save some money instead of buying potatoes, you can also enjoy them extremely fresh. Not to mention that gardening can be very relaxing and therapeutic, plus very productive, too.


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