How To Grow Quaking Aspen Trees from Root Cuttings

Aspen trees are quite common across the world especially in temperate countries like the United States. They are fairly sturdy and tolerant and will most probably thrive in a majority of climates. Aspen trees are brought about by their sprouts and not by seeds. They are quite easy for transplanting, making the aspen tree one of the favorites among tree growers. With the right amount of care and attention, you, too, can grow and replant your own aspen trees.

  • Knowing when to get your root cuttings. It is best to get the root cuttings for the multiplying of aspen trees during the months of February until April. Select a tree that looks healthy and is disease-free. Check for plants with new growth in their stems or leaves since this would mean that the mother plant is well taken care of. There are also a couple of warning signs that you need to watch out for when selecting your mother plant. Make sure that there are no signs of insect infestation or malformed stems and roots.
  • Checking out the aspen tree roots. You then need to check out the exposed roots of the aspen tree that you have selected. A good tip is to look for trees that grow near rocky areas where their roots tend to be exposed rather than deeply buried.
  • Choosing your suckers. Suckers are the areas of the roots that are newly grown. They are sometimes also referred to root sprouts. It is best to select suckers that are around half a foot to 2 feet in length. If you can choose to cut a root area where there are several suckers sprouting out of it, the better.
  • Transporting your root cutting. When you are done with selecting and cutting up your roots, it is best to place them in a box with loose loam soil during the transportation. This will help the root not lose its moisture and nutrients. Exposing the cut roots too much might dry it up. You must be extra careful with the potential of drying up your roots so if it is possible, cover the root with some cloth cover so that it will be protected from unnecessary bacteria, too.
  • Selecting your plantation area. Pick a place with full direct sunlight since aspen plants love their sun. This is where you will place your root cutting. Enough sunlight is unanimous to a tremendous amount of growth spurt from your plant.

Aspen trees grow fairly fast and soon you will reap the rewards of your taking care of it. You are not only helping the environment and thus the world, but are also a very fulfilling experience when you are starting to grow several trees. Once you have started growing aspen trees and have become quite successful with it, then it is time to try another type of tree species so that you are constantly trying to improve the situation of the world when it comes to our tree crisis.


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