How To Grow Serbian Bellflower Groundcover

One of the most popular perennial plants is the Serbian Bellflower. It can reach a mature height of around a foot but usually, they stay between the ranges of 4 to 6 inches. Not bad for a dainty plant with lilac flowers. Its flowers are star shaped.

  • Knowing when to plant them. Obviously, just by the name itself, you know that this type of plant will only happily thrive when there direct sunlight but the ground temperature, especially at night, should be roughly 70 degrees in Fahrenheit. If temperature is freezing, then your bell flowers might just freeze up and dry. As with people, there are plants that love the cool weather such as this one while there are others that prefer relatively warm weather.
  • Knowing where to place them. In most cases, this plant will thrive in areas where there is direct sunlight. Although if your area is can get very hot, then some areas with partial shading will suffice. As with any other plant project, you must make sure that you have good top soil that is well aerated plus there should be good drainage in the pot. Since this will be a fast spreading plant, it might be a good idea to plant this on the ground rather than on pots.
  • Let it grow from the seed. Unlike other plants that rely on seedlings or branches, the Serbian Bellflower grows from seeds. The best time to plant your seeds is between spring and summer. Count several months to nearly a year then your new plant should be able to product proper amount of foliage and fruit. They are a bit tough to handle since their seeds are unusually small but they can be both planted indoors and outdoors.
  • Propagating your plants. The next thing you need to do is to spread your seeds in two to three years time. Do not replant them too much since you might be unnecessarily disturbing the plants’ roots. Make sure that you spread them evenly.
  • Trimming and maintaining the plants. To make sure that your plant grows well, you should learn when to trim them and how to do the trimming. Make sure you have the proper equipment, such as sharp pruning shears so that you will not damage the stems of the plant. Make sure that you are also in control of its spread. While it is not really a pesky plant, it can multiply and invade parts of your garden quite fast.

The Serbian Bellflower would make a lovely addition to your cool garden. It spreads quite quickly so you should start shaping and limiting its growth in the areas where you want them to be. Be the one in full control of these plants since you don’t want it the other way around. When you are thinking of when to plant it, you can try planting them first during the early part of spring and then let them grow or germinate from the seeds in roughly two to three weeks. After you have grown them then maybe you can progress to other plant types so increase the variety of the plants in your lawn.


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