How To Grow Sweet Woodruff (Galium Odoratum)

Sweet woodruff is a resilient perennial that grows to a height of around 12 inches and does very well as a groundcover. It has a sweet fragrance and is frequently used as sweet smelling garlands for homes and churches. It is also a natural insect repellent with its dried leaves made into sachets and placed in areas where moths and other pests are more likely to invade. Because of the sweet aroma of this herb, its leaves are also packed into herbal pillows or incorporated to potpourri mixtures. Medicinally, one can also use the sweet woodruff’s leaves as a tea to handle an upset stomach. When placed on wounds, its ground fresh leaves help in speedy healing and lessens inflammations. It is also an added ingredient when making refreshing alcoholic drinks. These are the steps to follow when planting Sweet woodruff:

  • This herb is a bit difficult to grow when you are starting from the seeds so it is best to purchase plants that have already been pre-started at your local garden center. Select plants that have a healthy appearance and are just about to start growing new leaves or buds. They are best bought during the summer or spring seasons.
  • Look for a location which is shaded partially or fully to give protection to your plants from the heat of the noontime sun. This will ensure that they remain strong and healthy as these plants do not survive well under direct heat.
  • When preparing the soil you will be planting on, augment it with loam or sandy loam as woodruff prefers soil that is very fertile and acidic as well. It also thrives on soil that has a lot of moisture but is able to drain properly. It is best to do your transplanting process in the springtime while the climate is not overly warm.
  • For plants grown in containers, allow a space of 8 to 12 inches to set them apart from each other. Make sure that the sweet woodruff is sufficiently mulched especially when they have direct contact with sunlight for several hours in a day. Make sure to keep a close watch on them as they have the tendency to spread wildly even on areas where you would not want them to grow. Thinning them is fairly easy to do, which will help in controlling and keeping them where you would want them to remain.
  • Because the woodruff favors soil that is consistently moist, make sure to water the plants regularly to ensure that they are getting sufficient amounts of water.
  • As soon as these plants are established, they may be harvested immediately. Cut them up in bunches and allow them to hang up in an area where it is warm and dry. You may also cut up its leaves and allow them to dry on paper or on screens. The leaves must then be stored in containers that are tightly sealed.

The sweet woodruff plant is the perfect cover for areas in your landscape that are shaded and helps in the elimination of weeds from your garden. Not only do you have an aromatic plant that helps for medicinal and culinary purposes, it is an added attraction to the garden too. Begin planting woodruff at home and find out about the great things you can use it for.


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