How To Hand Paint Knobs for a Room

You can always buy your own hand-painted pieces and furniture. Of course, it will cost you a pretty penny. Such intricately painted and skillfully wrought pieces of art are great additions to any home but acquiring them will be a question only your wallet can answer. However, there is an alternative to that. You can hand-paint your own pieces instead of buying them and it will come out cheaper for you. Want your own hand-painted door knobs? No problem. Here is how to go about it:

Preparation. The first thing you want to do is to prepare your knobs for painting. This will require you to sand or prime the knob, depending on what type it is. If it is a wooden knob you will need a 220-grit piece of sandpaper. Lightly sand and then use a wood primer on it. Also use the 220-grit sandpaper on resin knobs. For metal knobs, use metal primers that come in a spray can.

Designing and decorating the knob. Find a design for your knob. Take inspiration from all sorts of places such as your wallpaper, magazines or create your own designs. On a piece of paper, draw it first to see how it looks. Here, you can see what colors are good matches. Take your time with this step before moving on to other things. Use your imagination as to how you want the finished product to look. When you are happy with your design, make a final sketch.

  1. Base coats. Select a base color for your knob. Acquire an adequate stock of this color. Use two to three coats of paint. Before moving on to the next coat, always make sure that the first coat has completely dried. Make sure to only cover the front part of the knob. Painting over the back can cause problems in fixing it onto your drawer, door or cabinet. Use a small paintbrush, a toothbrush or a spray can to apply the paint.
  2. Making a pattern. You should trace the shape of your knob to a piece of paper. Then trace your design onto that. Apply a basecoat using graphite paper on your knob and then transfer the design.
  3. Painting the knob. Paint the knob in sections. A small brush will be easier to handle. Keep a sponge and a bowl of water ready to wipe away anything you do not like.
  4. Finishing touches. If you have let your paint dry and you find that you made a mistake or you do not like it, take a piece of 220-grit sandpaper and just sand it off. Use a water-based varnish to coat your knob. Use about four coats. Remember to let all wet coats dry first before applying the next one.

You do not have to buy expensive items when you can do it yourself. A little skill, imagination and patience are all you need to come up with your own hand-painted decorative pieces. Be your own designer and artist today with these easy-to-follow steps and save a lot on your furniture bills.


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