How To Hang a Bear Rug on a Wall

Bear rugs have been used as carpets for a long time. An alternative to this is to hang it to your wall. A bear rug can be a good addition to your wall. It covers your whole wall and creates a lovely attraction to the room. This will give an outdoor feel indoors. You can get a prepared bear rug. If you hunt, you can also shoot and kill your own bear. Get the bear to a taxidermist and have it skinned for your new rug. You can relive your bear kill this way so you get reminded of how good a marksman you are each time you see your bear rug. There are a lot of ways to hang your rug.

Use hooks:

  • When you bring the bear or a rug to a taxidermist, you can tell him you are going to hang it on a wall. This way, he can attach hooks on the paws, tail and head for you to hang it to your wall. You can also attach hooks to your rug by sewing them on.
  • Choose a wall where you will hang your rug. Measure the rug to be sure that it fits the wall. Use a pencil marker where you need to screw the hooks in. you will need five hooks to do this. Four hooks to the paws and one each for the head and the tail. Ask for someone to help you mark the wall by spreading the rug on the wall and marking where the hooks on the rug are.
  • Drill the wall using your power drill. Make sure the holes are smaller than the threads of your hooks. Tighten the screws leaving only portions of the threads out. You can also use hooks to be able to tighten them fully.
  • Hang your rug by attaching the hooks on the rug to the screws or hooks on the wall.

Nail the rug:

  • Choose the wall where you will hang the rug. Measure both the bear rug and the wall to make sure it fits.
  • Drive in the first nail. You can determine which nail to drive in first by selecting the edge of the rug nearest to the ceiling.
  • Spread the rug to make sure it does not fold and drive a nail every couple of inches.
  • Repeat the procedure until you cover the entire edge of the rug.

Use double tape:

  • When you decide to do it this way, be sure your tape is able to carry the whole weight of the rug.
  • Cut the tape every two inches and tape one side to the underside of the bear rug. Tape on the edges of the bear rug and leave the least space between the tapes.
  • Remove the paper from the other side of the tape right before attaching it on the wall. Stretch the rug and attach the next tape to the wall.
  • Repeat the procedure until you finish applying all the tapes to the wall.

Maintain your rug by regularly dusting or vacuuming to avoid dust build up. This will allow prolonging the life your bear rug to be enjoyed for years to come.


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