How To Hang a Beveled Mirror

Hanging a mirror on the wall gives you an illusion of a larger space. It also provides the functional use of mirrors to be able to see your reflection. You can hang one in your bathroom. Also, you can hang one near your closet to be able to check if your outfit matches. Some mirrors are frameless and may seem trickier to hang than those with frames. Beveled mirrors are usually frameless and provide for a sleek and stylish finish. You can hang the mirror two ways.

Hang via double tape:

  • Determine the placement of the mirror. Mark the wall with a pencil where you want to place your mirror.
  • Clean the area and remove all the dust and dirt on the wall. Wipe the area dry. You need a clean and dry area for best results when using a double sided tape.
  • This only works if it is a lightweight mirror. You can also use this method on tiles to avoid having cracks on the tiles when drilling holes. Just put double tape around an inch before the edges of the non-reflective side of the mirror and tape to the wall accordingly. This will allow the tape to be unseen when you finish hanging the beveled mirror. Use as much tape as needed. Remove the protective paper of the adhesive right before you use it. You need it free of dust and dirt to work properly.
  • Be sure to have a non-porous smooth-surfaced wall when doing this, like your bathroom tiles. This is to ensure the tape to stick well.

Hang using brackets:

  • Determine the placement of the mirror. Mark the edges lightly with a pencil marker. If it is a heavy mirror, ask help from someone to help you center the mirror on the wall.
  • Most beveled mirrors have brackets placed behind them. This allows for easier hanging. If there are no readymade brackets for your mirror, purchase at a hardware store or at a home décor store. Install the brackets by following the instructions on the packet or by asking the clerk at the store.
  • Determine if there are wall studs to place the screws you are going to use. Locate the studs either by knocking on the wall or by using a stud finder. The latter will be a more trouble-free option.
  • Mark the place where you need attach the screws on. You can do this by measuring the brackets behind the mirror. Make the same measurements on to your wall. Use a driller to create holes on the marked areas. Make sure to drill holes smaller than the threads of the screws you are using. Attach the screws with your screwdriver. Do not tighten fully. Allow your screw heads and a portion of the threads to protrude to place in the brackets.
  • Hang the mirror by placing the brackets on the screws.

You are now finished hanging your mirror on your wall. It is best to work with someone to help you carry the mirror. When you work with mirrors, use caution because they can easily break and may cause accidents. Besides, you don’t want to have seven years of bad luck.


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