How To Hang a Bicycle in a Garage on an S-Hook

The garage is one of the biggest storage areas in your home. It is best to keep it organized to have more storage and to ease access of the things you store. Most likely, a bicycle or two will be part of what you will store in it. It may be your bicycle or your kid’s that you will be storing in there along with a couple of cars and some tools, so it is best to keep them arranged properly. Hanging your bicycle is a good option since you are able to utilize the vertical space and to help clear up your floor for other stuff.

  • Choose an S-hook that can hold the bicycle’s weight and fit the rim of the wheel. Some hooks are cheaply made, and may be unable to hold the bicycle’s weight. Also, get a rubberized or galvanized s-hook to protect your bicycle’s finish. You don’t want it to scratch the rim. You can get them at your hardware or bicycle stores. Some are labeled front bicycle’s hooks. If you are hanging your bike upside down, you can get two hooks, one for each tire.
  • Measure your space. You want your bicycle near a wall, preferably a corner. If you are hanging your bicycle on the front tire perpendicular to the wall, you can do it by measuring the radius of your wheel and adding a couple of inches for allowance. If you are hanging it upside down, measure the length of your handlebars and add a couple of inches for clearing. Also, measure the bicycle from the front axle to the rear axle. This is going to be the distance between the hooks.
  • Attach the screws by using your power drill and driving a hole in the ceiling. Be sure the hole is smaller than the thread of your hook. Handle your power tool with care to avoid mishaps. Once the holes are drilled, attach the hook/s by hand. Twist the hook/s to the right to tighten.
  • Hang your bicycle accordingly, either via the front wheel or upside down from the two wheels.
  • If you are hanging more than one bicycle, use enough space between each bicycle so that you don’t have difficulty hanging them off and on the hook/s. On a standard two-car garage, you can hang up to, or even more than 10 bicycles on the wall from their front wheels perpendicular to the wall.

Riding a bicycle is a good form of exercise. It takes your mind off things and creates bonds with your fellow riders. Maintaining your bicycle is part of owning one and nothing says it better than having a special place for it in your garage. So, when hanging your bicycle in your garage, you do not only create storage for your bicycle but also free up space for other things to stock. Ride your bicycle regularly, see your health improve and contribute for a greener environment. Enjoy riding and keep safe by always using a helmet whenever you take your bicycle out for a ride.


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