How To Hang a Cowhide Rug

More and more people are hanging cowhides to accent their homes. It provides for a good way to decorate an entire wall and a great conversation starter with guests. You can obtain one quite easily by doing enough research online. Hanging one in your home has become the latest trend and is widely accepted since most cowhides are recycled from meat producers. You can choose either one of the two ways presented to hang your cowhide rug.

Hang via a dowel:

  • Start by choosing a wall to accentuate with your cowhide rug. Make sure the hide is smaller than your wall. You can do this with the use of your measuring tape. Measure the size of the wall’s height and length. Measure your cowhide rug’s width and length.
  • Get a dowel. When choosing, measure the size to make sure it is longer than your cowhide rug but smaller than your wall. Be sure to get the correct diameter to hold the weight of the rug. Drill holes at both ends of the dowel. Tie a strong piece of string on both ends of the dowel.
  • From the center of wall, measure equal length going to the left and right. Drill two holes and screw hooks that are strong enough to handle both the dowel and cowhide’s weights. You can also use nails instead of screws.
  • Hang your dowel via the string. Hang your cowhide rug on the dowel. You can ask for assistance from another person to make sure the cowhide rug is centered and balanced.

Nail on the wall:

  • Another option in hanging your cowhide rug is by nailing it directly on to the wall. You can do this with the help of another person. Choose your cowhide and the wall you’re going to put it on. Make measurements to be sure the cowhide rug fits on the wall.
  • Decide the placing of the cowhide rug before nailing. This is to avoid removing the nails since this is a more permanent approach in hanging the rug. Try different positions until you find the one you like the most.
  • Nail the cowhide rug’s edge nearest to the ceiling and pull before driving the next nail through the wall. Nail every couple of inches while pulling in between to ensure a stretched look. Repeat the process until you finish the whole rug. To avoid the cowhide’s edge to curl, you may also apply glue at the back of the rug and on to the wall.

You are now finished with hanging your cowhide rug to your wall. You may choose to accent the rug with a horse shoe or two. You can also put a lasso on the wall, or maybe even a cowboy hat. You are only limited by your imagination. Just be sure to clean your cowhide rug regularly to prolong its beauty. You can do this by using a vacuum or a steamer. You can even put a fabric protector before it gets dirty or after cleaning.


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