How To Hang a Deer Head

After years of hunting, you finally made your dream kill. The huge buck with its majestic antlers looks so good and is definitely to be shown off. It will be the envy of your friends. It is a trophy that you long to boast to your friends and family. Each time you look at it, it brings you back to the moment of the kill and gives you shivers from your neck down. You bring it to the taxidermist and have it mounted. Now, it’s ready to be hung on your wall and be the centerpiece of your home.

  • When you go to the taxidermist, ask him to put a strong enough bracket to mount the head using a single screw. Depending on the size of the deer head, some taxidermists may use two brackets to hang on two screws. When you get the deer head examine the bracket to know the type of screw to use. Buy a screw that is able to carry the weight of the deer head. You don’t want your trophy to fall after hanging and be a hazard to your home.
  • Select a place where you want your deer head to hang. Select a place of prominence on your wall so people are able to see and marvel at it. The top of a mantle or a fireplace is a good choice. In the end, it’s up to you where you want to put it. Try different places until you find your favorite one.
  • Find the wall stud to place the screw on. You can knock on different parts of the wall until you hear a solid sound. You don’t want to screw it on a hollow base. You can also use the aid of a stud finder to make it easier. Mark the area with a pencil or a wall marker where you will attach the screw. Use a power drill to make a hole smaller than the thread of your screw. Place the screw on the hole and tighten it using a screwdriver and turning it to the right. Do not tighten it all the way through. Leave a space so you can hang the bracket over.
  • Pick the deer head and handle with care. Hang the mounted deer head on the wall by hanging the bracket on the screw. Make sure it’s a snug fit. Use a ladder if necessary.

Your deer head is now mounted to the wall and ready to be shown off for everyone to see. Remember to clean the deer head since it will accumulate a lot of dust. Dust the fixture on a daily basis or use a vacuum, whichever way you fancy. Apply window cleaner on the eyes to keep its shine. Use a Q-tip when doing this to avoid applying it on the fur. Use any wooden furniture cleaner on the mount. Wipe it with a piece of cloth and an ample amount of furniture cleaner. This maintains the gloss of the mount. Cleaning regularly is sure to extend the life of your trophy kill.


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