How To Hang a Deer Head on the Wall

You’ve dreamed so much about catching deer during your hunting trip, and now that you’ve had it, what will you do next? You’ll take the deer’s head to a taxidermist for stuffing and mounting. Afterwards, you will go home and proudly hang the deer head on your wall.

Hanging a deer head on your wall is a great way of commemorating your triumph in catching one. It also has been a long time tradition for hunters to hang the head of the animals they caught during their hunt.  You could say that a deer's head on your wall is similar to a trophy that you won in a basketball, baseball, or golf tournament.

A deer head on your wall would look really grand and it would bring you great pride. Not only will the deer head be a grandiose and extravagant decoration in your abode but it will also serve as a trophy for catching the deer during your hunt. The deer head would awe your visitors and it would be an interesting source of conversation about your hunt and you could brag about your experiences to them.  You can even pass on your hunting stories to your own kids, or maybe grandchildren, while using the deer head as a visual demonstration.

But before that, you will need to hang it and secure it properly on your wall. Here are the steps on how to hang a deer head on your wall:

  • Before you place the head, you need to find a place where you will hang it. The deer head will look better in a place where the deer head will be noticeable--a place of honor, if you prefer. Also, don’t forget that the height and the width of the antlers would affect the space so you need to select a bigger area on the wall.
  • After deciding where to place the deer head, look for the bracket behind the deer head. Most brackets are used to hang the deer’s head in conjunction with a screw, so it is a must that you choose a screw that fits the bracket.
  • Next, you need a stable stud on your wall to screw the anchor on.  To find a stud on the particular place where you decided to hang your deer’s head, use a stud finder. Mark the area where you intend to place the screw.  Using a wall stud is better and more reliable than an anchor.
  • After marking the area with a pencil, use a drill to make a hole on the wall, specifically on the spot you marked.
  • Twist the screw into its new hole using a screwdriver. Make sure you leave a part of the head of the screw sticking out from the hole so that you can hang your deer head on your wall.
  • Get your deer head and hang it on the screw. Make sure to secure the screw snugly into the back bracket so that the deer head is flat against its background wall.

If you’ve done all these steps on how to hang a deer head on your wall, you can watch your deer head on your wall with great pride and honor.


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