How To Hang a Deer Hide on the Wall

Deer hides have a long history of being used throughout different regions. Native Americans have been using the material for clothing and shelter. Today, more and more people who have a penchant for the rustic are putting them on their walls as décor. Deer pelt or hide can be prepared easily if you are a hunter. You just need to remove the skin off the body of the deer you shot and remove as much fat and meat as you can. Dry on a sheet of tilted plywood by putting a layer of salt on the underside. Let it dry for a day and remove the salt and repeat the procedure for a second or third time. Clean and cure using a laundry booster like 20 Mule Team Borax. Set in the sun to dry and deodorize. If you are not too keen to do it, just purchase from a hunter or a taxidermist.

  • Place holes or slits on the edge of the deer pelt. You can use a large needle to do this or even a pair of scissors or your utility knife. Make equal spacing between the holes or slits. You can place four sticks of wood together to form a frame for a more rustic, outdoors look.
  • Place the frame on the ground with your deer hide spread inside it. Tie a long piece of string on top of the frame insert to the topmost hole of the dear pelt. Secure it on the frame by looping the string a couple of inches on the right of the position where you started. Repeat the process until you finish securing it to the last hole. You need to stretch it along the way to avoid folds in your deer hide.
  • Use two hooks to hang your frame on the wall. Measure the length of the frame and subtract 4 inches (to provide a couple of inches of clearance on each side).
  • Find a place on the wall where you want to hang the deer hide. Select an empty wall if possible. It is up to you where you want to put it, but you can try placing it on different areas until you find a suitable place to hang it on.
  • Mark the wall where you are placing the screws using a pencil.
  • Drill holes on the marked area. Make sure the holes are smaller than your screw threads. Using your hands, manually attach the hooks by tightening it over the holes.
  • Hang the frame on the hooks.

With the deer hide now on display, you only need to maintain it by regularly cleaning it. You can use a vacuum to remove dust and avoid build up. You can also use a feather duster to remove dust daily. Lightly dab with insect repellant avoid insects from burrowing and destroying it. To avoid stains, you may want to use a fabric protector. The longevity of your deer hide is determined by how clean you are with it. It can provide to be a good alternative to wall paintings and also a good conversation piece during parties.


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