How To Hang a Framed Mirror

Hanging things on the wall is sometimes the best and most space-efficient way to display or use the things. A mirror is one of the most hanged items on the wall aside from artworks and picture frames. Hanging a framed mirror on the wall properly and carefully is not that tough. You don’t even need a professional’s help to finish the task. Read the following steps and you’ll do just right:

Decide the location of the mirror. Where will you put the framed mirror? Where is the best spot to hang it, anyway? To answer these questions correctly, you have to consider one thing—the mirror’s purpose. Why are you hanging a mirror on the wall, in the first place?

If you want that framed mirror as a piece of art or as an accent to the room, then you better pick the loveliest spot. It can be on a blank wall, near the window for a nice reflection, or near your small cabinet where you put a flower vase on.

If you want that framed mirror for daily use, then you should select the most practical spot. It should be where the person can easily reflect himself on the mirror. It should be near the things that the person needs when fixing his look.

The purpose of that framed mirror will already determine its perfect height and placing.

Decide on the height. Again, this will depend on the purpose of the mirror. If it will be used everyday for reflection, then it should be eye-level. However, if you will use the mirror as an accent, you still have to consider the entire wall. Most of the time, a beautifully framed mirror is placed near other furniture pieces. But in case you will place the mirror on a blank wall, it will be ideal to have it at the center of the wall. This is ideal also if the wall is too high. Anyway, you can always try the mirror on different height until you get the perfect spot.

Mark the spot. Using a pencil, mark the spot where you will hammer the hook on the wall. Usually, a mirror should have about three hooks from where it will hang itself. You can also check the frame and see if there is any spot where to place the hook. You should mark that on the wall.

Check the spots. Ask someone to hold the frame and place it on the marks you made a while ago. Step back and see if the placement is perfect. This step allows you to do the necessary corrections on the spots.

Prepare the hook. Use the mark you made to guide you on where to hammer the hooks. Again, for safer hanging, use about three hooks.

Add level
. Install a level under the mirror to make sure it is even and for added security. You can use a clean piece of wood as a level or you can buy a specially made one from your nearest hardware.

More than the aesthetics and practicality, placing the framed mirror should be safe. Don’t wait until you realize that the hard way. Besides, you don’t want to replace your new mirror right away. So do it right and do it safe.


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