How To Hang a Frameless Wall Mirror

In the age of condos and small living areas, space has become a valuable commodity. People have put a high premium on large interiors and lavish gardens. It is hard to think that space, the absence of any other thing, has become more valuable than the actual things occupying it.  But because there is only a finite amount of space, its value has increased immensely.

As our population grows, so does the space we consume. We need space to live in, grow our food, enjoy our time in, and accomplish almost every other activity. We cannot accommodate all of these needs, thus we tend to scrimp on the space that we do live in. Hence, the popularity of condos and small starter homes for those who can't afford the luxury of more space. 

If you cannot afford the extra space, you might as well make the most of what you have. You can use multi-purpose furniture. Creating second and third floors is another efficient use of a small space. However, one of the most inexpensive way you can make your place look and feel larger is through the use of mirrors. Follow these simple steps and you can place a heavy wall mirror as a do-it-yourself project. Learn to do it safely and avoid the seven years of bad luck that accompany a broken mirror.

  1. Decide where to put your mirror. The location where you put your mirror is a crucial step in your installation. Look at the area and see if the wall is strong enough to hold a heavy mirror. Is it also big enough for your mirror to fit within the space? You also need to look at the area and check for obstructions that will block the view of the mirror. If you are into feng shui, the location of mirror is very important for the proper flow of the energy of the house.
  2. Mark it. Get a pencil and use it to mark where you will eventually put the mirror. To do this, place the mirror flat on the wall where you want to put it. Use a carpenter’s level to see if the mirror is level to the ground. Then, using your knee or with the help of another, hold the mirror in place while you mark the four corners of the mirror. Set aside your mirror leaning against a free wall and proceed to the next step.
  3. Mirror clips. Since you are using a frameless mirror, you will need four mirror clips. You can easily find them in your local hardware store. Place the mirror clip along the bottom of the mark you made earlier--two inches from the edge should be a good place to put the mirror clip. Once you have placed the mirror clip, draw a mark on the hole of the mirror clip. Then, using a long nail, punch a hole through to determine if there is a wall stud, if it gets harder as you get deeper, then you are on the right place. If the nail just punches through easily, then you must be on the wrong spot. Move it a couple inches towards the middle and check for a stud again. Repeat the same step for the upper edge of the frameless mirror.
  4. Hang the mirror. Mark the hole where you wish to put the mirror clips. Repeat the previous steps in finding the stud. Before you screw in the top mirror clips, place your frameless mirror right on the mirror clips at the bottom. Screw in the top mirror clips to hold the frameless mirror into place.

The more you look into the mirror, the more you will appreciate the work you have done. It is all part of the hard work you have put into hanging that mirror. Congratulations! You have learned how to hang a mirror in your home. Now enjoy the extra space in your home and your lovely reflection while you look into it.


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