How To Hang a Full-Length Mirror

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It is part of your daily morning routine to check yourself from head to foot before going out. With a full length mirror in your bedroom, or in any accessible space in your way out, you can always have the convenience of dressing up or checking yourself out.

Here are some steps that you can follow in hanging your own full-length mirror:

  • Hanging light small mirrors in no big deal when done alone. However, hanging a full length mirror has a size to humble you. You may not be able to hang it on your own. With a full length mirror, handling and transporting it right to the spot where you plan to hang it is one difficult work. Often you are concerned with keeping the mirror whole and undamaged, however, chances are when you try to carry it across your house all by yourself, you might end up banging it into hallways! A good friend is often handy in times like this.
  • Choose the perfect spot in advance. Unlike decorative mirrors, there is not much elements to look out for (lights, decorative backgrounds) unless you plan to make it one. Often times, decorative mirrors are hanged according to their very purpose in the closet door or in the bedroom. Sometimes you have the choice of hanging it in a place where you can hide it when not in use.
  • Once you have chosen the place, it is time to decide on which hanging technique you plan to use in hanging your mirror. You can hang it using permanent glue or by a mirror wire. There are pros and cons in each technique that will guide you in deciding which to go for. Hanging it with glue or adhesive will result to the cleanest finish. You don't need to worry about the gaps and brackets that can get distracting. You will have an even finish. However, the downside lies on the permanence of the technique.  Once the mirror is glued to the wall, removing it will be quite a work. Often times the wall surface where it was adhered will be damaged. If you don't want this scenario, you can always be contented with just hanging it using mirror wires. You can find this type of wires in the market, sold according to your mirror's size and weight.
  • With the help of your friend or work buddy, you can estimate more accurately how the mirror will be hanged. In checking if your mirror has the right height from the ground ask your friend to hold it up for you while you stand back at least 2 feet from the mirror. Making sure you can see from your head to foot, you can now place a tiny pencil mark measuring the top edge of the mirror against the wall.
  • Adhesives come with the packaging. It is best to follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to use it effectively. When you have achieved the desired height and level, you can now press it firmly against the wall, paying special attention to the glued part.
  • The other technique will also need the pencil marks, where the screws can be screwed in. With the D-ring at the back of your mirror, hang it on the screw using mirror wires. This is a task best done by a handy man. Know when you'll need his assistance.

Having a full length mirror is a necessity to anyone. However, buying one is not the end of the story. Hanging a full- length mirror is quite a task as you need to do it safely while wanting to achieve that perfect set up.


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