How To Hang a Mirror

Aged looking mirror

Mirrors are fragile things.  Since almost all mirrors are made of glass or some other breakable material, you ought to ensure that they are installed securely on the wall.  Wall mirrors are of varying shapes, designs, thickness, and weights.  Some are framed in wooden frames, while others are framed in other materials such as aluminum or metal.  If you are trying to install a heavy mirror onto a wall, make sure that it is framed in a sturdy material like wood.  In this article, you will learn a suggested method for installing a hanging mirror on your wall. 

  • Check for screw eyes.  Most framed mirrors will have screw eyes on the back of the frame.  At other times, the manufacturer may use some other fastener or hook.
  • Attach D-rings or screw eyes.  If your framed mirror doesn't have screw eyes at the back, you can buy some from a hardware store and screw them on.  Make sure you drill pilot holes to make screwing them on much easier.  Screw eyes will be enough for lightweight mirrors.  But, for medium or heavier ones, you may want to use D-rings.  You can choose from many types of D-rings.  Make sure you screw one on the left and right side of the back of the frame; screw each D-ring about 1/3 of the mirror's height from the top edge.
  • Thread steel wire into the two screw eyes or D-rings.  The thickness of the wire should be commensurate to the weight of your mirror.  The general idea is this: the heavier the mirror, the thicker the wire.  You wouldn't want the wire to easily break and make your mirror come crashing down.  Make sure you leave extra slack.  Also ensure that the wire is securely coiled around the screw eyes or D-rings.
  • Decide on where you want your mirror to hang.  Locate two points on the area and mark them with a pencil or marker.  The distance between the points should be about half the mirror's width.  Make sure that the points are level with each other.
  • Install the anchors. If the anchor points are situated on top of a wall stud, you're lucky.  Using a drill, bore a pilot hole into the stud, then screw a wood screw into the hole.  Use a bit that is of smaller width than that of the screws.  Also, do not screw the wood screw all the way.  Just about 6 or 8 turns will do.  The idea is for the head of the screw to protrude about an eighth of an inch from the wall.  If the anchor point is on drywall, you will need to use toggle bolts.  Buy some from a hardware shop and follow the instructions on how to install them.  They will be easy to screw into the wall.
  • Hang your mirror. If the mirror is too heavy to lift all by yourself, ask someone to assist you.  Place the steel wire on the anchors.  Then, adjust the mirror so that its edges are level.

Whatever way you use to hang your mirror, always make sure that the anchors are securely fastened to the wall and don't easily come of and that the hanging wire doesn't break easily.


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