How To Hang a Mounted Poster

A mounted poster is a laminated poster glued on a fiberboard.  It makes an elegant home decor without having to break one’s wallet that is why more and more people are starting to buy it.  While choosing a mounted poster to display at home is relatively easy, hanging it is a different story.  

Have you recently purchased a mounted poster and you want to know how you can hang it properly on your wall?  Here are steps to help you:

Materials needed: Your choice among poster hooks or poster hangers and silly putty or sticky poster tabs, hammer, nails, tape measure, level, warm water, towel and a pencil.  

  • There are many ways to hang a poster so decide whether you want to use poster hooks or poster hangers or silly putty or sticky poster tabs.  Using poster hooks or hangers is the ideal way as the hooks or hangers will hold your poster better and will keep it from falling.  However, if you want to have a hole-free wall, opt for silly putty or poster tabs instead.  Keep in mind though that silly putty, reliable as it is, will leave a greasy residue behind and poster tabs, although wall-friendly, may cause damage to your poster once you decide to remove it.  Choose the method you want to use very carefully as all of them have their own pros and cons.
  • Once you have decided what method to use, prepare your wall.  For silly putty and poster tabs, it is highly recommended that you clean your wall first.  A clean wall will make any adhesive work better so wipe the wall with warm water to remove any dust and dirt that may have accumulated on it.  Allow it to dry completely before you put the silly putty or poster tabs.
  • Choose a spot in your wall where you like to put your mounted poster.  Use a tape measure to determine measurements and a level to make sure they are even.  Use your pencil to put marks to help keep you on track.
  • Have your mounted poster ready.  If you are using poster tabs, make sure that you put the tabs on each corner.  You may put additional tabs if your poster seem quite heavy and large.  Don’t remove the adhesive to the wall part yet.  Check your measurements again to ensure that it will be properly aligned before you do so.  Should you decide to make use of silly putty, keep in mind to apply small quantities of it not only on both sides of your poster but on its middle part as well.  
  • After making sure that everything is in line, you may now hang your mounted poster by removing the remaining poster tabs and carefully pressing your poster on the wall.  Apply proper pressure to help it stick more firmly.  Most mounted posters do come with a heavy duty hanging cord so if you choose to use poster hooks or hangers instead, just make sure that it is properly aligned before you use them.  Carefully make 2 pilot holes using your hammer and nails in the molding behind your poster and attach your eye screws.  Once secured, you may now hang your poster.

Hanging a mounted poster need not be tiring after all.  All you need to have is a little patience and good measurement skills and will surely impress everyone you invite over with your brand-new mounted posters in no time!


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