How To Hang a Picture on the Wall

So you finally have the perfect picture for your wall. You already have the perfect frame for it. Now, what you need is a perfect way to hang your picture on the wall. With that, you don’t have to undergo a lot of hassles. By following the steps below, you can go through hanging a nice picture on the wall with no sweat:

Decide where to place the framed picture. To do this, you need to consider the layout of the room. Think about the furniture pieces inside the room and other framed objects on the wall. How should you add the framed picture on so it will beautify the place and not make it look crowded? Maybe you need to remove some clutter or maybe you need to consider hanging the picture on a different wall.

Experimenting can also help you figure out the perfect spot for the picture. Ask a friend to hold it for you and look at it and see if it’s perfect on that location. Never stop experimenting until you get the perfect spot for the picture on the wall.

Prepare the frame. You need to install the wire properly on the frame. You should also add some felt pads at the back of the frame for added security and protection for the wall.

When installing the wire, make sure that it should be placed about 1/3 from the frame’s top. Hammer small nails or thumb tucks on both sides of the frame. This is where you will wrap the wire that will be used for hanging the frame.

As for the wire, you should use a strong wire. For heavier and bigger frames, it’s better to use double wires. The length of the wire should be double the frame’s width. Add some length on the wire for wrapping on the nails or thumb tucks. Make sure you wrap the wire around the nails with at least three rounds for added security.

Stick some felt pads on the two bottom sides of the frame.

Review the spot. Ask your friend again to hold the picture frame on the spot you’ve picked a while ago. Are you sure it’s the perfect spot? You can try other arrangements and see if there is any better way to hang the frame. Don’t stop until you are satisfied with the spot you’ve picked.

Mark the spot for the hooks. While holding the frame on that perfect spot, get a pen to mark the exact location where to hammer the nail or the hook. Using that mark, hammer the nail or the hook. For light pictures, it’s okay to hammer straight on the wall. But for heavier pictures, you should use bigger hooks and stronger nails. These should be put on the wall with 45-degree angle.

Hang the picture on the wall. If you are using hook, the wire is already enough for hanging the picture. If not, you might need a fish-eye hook for added protection. You’ll attach this on the wire before hanging the frame from the nail. You can buy this in any hardware or you can make your own.

There, your perfect picture in your perfect frame is already perfectly hanging on your wall. You can also follow these steps when hanging other framed items on the wall.


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