How To Hang a Quilt

There are several methods of hanging a quilt. Often choosing the method really depends on you, your quilt, whether or not you want to be able to use the quilt as a quilt, and the time you want to put into hanging the quilt. Choose the method that works best for you because there isn't a "right" way or a wrong way.

Step 1

Use a quilt hanger. There is a nifty little tool called a quilt hanger. They come in all sizes and are two pieces of wood (a front and back). You carefully place the edge of your quilt between the wooden bars and screw them tight with the knobs included. This doesn't puncture the quilt and holds it in place. They can then easily be hung to the wall with nails. These cost about $20 for a small one and come in sizes all the way up to 90" for $120. If you are hanging a big quilt this could be expensive, however this is a safe way and doesn't do damage to your quilt. You can also move your quilt around to limit stretching and fading.

There are a couple of other similar items on the market that will work just as well. Just follow the directions to have a beautifully hung quilt in little time. 

Step 2

Hand on a decorative curtain rod. Choose a decorative rod that will be wide enough to hold you quilt. These are usually metal with some fancy decorations and hand on brackets. Next cut a piece of white muslin the same width as the quilt and about four to five inches wide. Carefully sew the material into a sleeve wide enough for your curtain rod onto the back of the quilt. It is best if you use a slip stitch over the top of the material for fast sewing and easy removal. Slide the curtain rod through the sleeve and hang it on the wall. This does some damage, but is easy to remove.

Step 3

Tack it to the wall. Carefully use heavy duty upholstery tacks to pin the quilt to the wall. This is easy, fast, inexpensive, requires no sewing skills, and only damages the quilt a little bit.

Hanging a quilt can give you another use for a beautiful piece, can add a lot to a room, and can be beautiful. Here are a few things to remember:

  • Keep it out of direct sunlight because it will fade.
  • It is a good idea to move it around a bit to relieve some of the pressure and help it to not get stretched out as much.
  • If the quilt is folded and then hung, you can rearrange it easier.
Choosing a hanging method is really up to you!


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