How To Hang a Rod for a Window Scarf

Window scarves make any window look classy. By simply installing a rod for your window scarves, you can instantly dress up any window in your house to create a more sophisticated feel without having to spend so much.

Here are steps to help you how:

Materials needed. Before installing a rod to your window, you need the following materials:  1 drapery rod, 2 drapery mounting brackets, screws, a wall stud finder, wall anchors, an electric drill, measuring tape, carpenter’s level and a pencil.

  • Take one mounting bracket and measure it by allotting 2 inches out and 4 inches above the frame of your window. Use a pencil to make a mark of these measurements. Keep in mind that this bracket needs to placed on the right side of your window.
  • Place the bottom left corner of your bracket on the mark you made and pencil-in the positions of its screw holes as well.
  • Use a stud finder and check for studs in the area where your bracket will be mounted. Checking for stud is important because when you install your bracket, it needs to be screwed into a stud to make it sturdier and prevent damage to your wall. Once it successfully detects a stud, make holes on each mark that you made with the use of an electric drill. Drill very carefully. The holes that you make will also serve as holes for the wall anchors you need to install should you find no stud.
  • Properly align the bracket over the holes or over the wall anchors you just installed. Insert screw in each hole and drill carefully to mount your bracket.
  • Take the second bracket and properly align it with the newly-installed bracket using your carpenter’s level.
  • Repeat procedures 1 to 4 on the opposite side of your window.
  • Once you mount both brackets, you are now ready to hang your rod and may start draping your window scarf over it. Remember to install a center bracket for support if your rod is longer than 4 feet. Moreover, controlling your window scarf may be quite difficult when you don’t use the right fabric so make sure you choose one that is soft and flows easily. Some of the fabrics you can use are satin, silk, sheer and light weight chenille. However, if you want to drape your fabric, its front and back can end up showing so opt to use sheer instead as both of its side look alike. Another factor to consider is size as too much or too little of a fabric will make it either sloppy or scant. You can also make use of a fabric-covered foam rod to help you manage your window scarf easily.

Now that you have learned how to hang a rod for your window scarf, shop for individual fabrics that will accentuate each window you want to decorate. Look for inspiration in home magazines and recreate a look that you deem fit for your new and improved stylish house!    


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