How To Hang a Roman Shade

Roman shades are used as useful pieces of decors by the window, which give a lot of character to the room. There are different types, colors, and designs you can find in the market. It is always best to choose one that will add more beauty rather not confusion in the room where you intend it to be.

Here are some steps to guide you in hanging a Roman shade:

In purchasing the right Roman shade, you will have to decide whether you will mount it inside or outside. Select the type according to your mounting preference. Every purchase of a Roman shade includes a window bracket that you will have to install.

Mounting a Roman shade inside:

These are the types that can fit the window casement.

  • Mount the shade's head rail against the casement of the window. Give enough allowance for any obstruction. To measure it accurately, raise and lower the shade to determine the length needed as well as to adjust the shade to avoid any obstructions.
  • Align the brackets in level with each other, while holding the head rail firmly against the casement. After installing check if the shade can move freely between it.

Mounting a Roman shade outside:

The Roman shade mounted on the ceiling or on the wall.

To  secure it against the ceiling follow these steps:

  • The type of Roman shade is made to overlap the window opening. The brackets will be mounted to the ceiling.
  • To determine the accurate measurements, hold the head rails against the ceiling surface while lowering the shades to check for its length and to avoid any obstructions.
  • Following the position of the head rails slot on the ceiling, mark it lightly on the surface. This mark is where you would position and line up the installation brackets.
  • Drill the holes and use appropriate screws, wall anchors and toggle bolts to secure it tightly through the head rail slots.

To secure it on the wall, follow these steps:

  • Like that of the ceiling mount, this shade will also overlap the window opening.
  • Again to determine accurate measurements, hold the head rail against the wall. Release to lower the shade to get the length and then check for any obstruction.
  • To get rid of obstruction problems you can use spacers or extension brackets.
  • Mark lightly for the position of head rails slots on wall.
  • Then position the installation brackets against it, then drill through the holes and fasten screws to secure it tightly.

When you have mounted your Roman shade on your proposed areas, it is time for you to check its functionality. It has to be properly aligned and equal on both sides. While releasing the Roman shade down and then pulling it back up, there has to be smooth up and down movement and no obstruction along its way.

If there are children living in your house, you can make the Roman shade kid- friendly by purchasing child-safety latches to be installed with the blinds. You can find these on your local hardware stores.

In purchasing any type Roman shade, there will always be manufacturer's instructions that come along with it. Instructions that are specific and unique to the Roman shade type they have fabricated. It is always best to check for the instructions in installing Roman shades.


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