How To Hang Bird Feeders

You can make your very own nature entertainment in your backyard or front yard. Maybe you have never given it much thought, but the birds that you enjoy watching so much could certainly use a helping hand now and then. Especially in the winter when food and water can be so scarce.

  1. I stress hanging the bird feeder, because that is the safest and cleanest method for all involved -  the birds and you. Feeding birds should be a fun thing for everybody, so let’s figure how the best way to go about it.
  2. Take a walk around your backyard or front with a fresh view of what you have to work with. With any luck you can find two trees growing apart from each other where you can string your line for the bird feeder. There’s some things to keep in mind when selecting your trees.
  3. You want the trees to be at least six feet apart. The purpose here is that the line you string from the limbs of the trees hopefully will be slippery enough that the squirrels will stay off. And yes squirrels will go after the free meal of bird seed. Bears are naturally curious about everything, so it is a good idea to hang your line about ten feet off the ground. As long as we're at it, this goes the same for hummingbird feeders. Bears love them!
  4. An added tip for hanging bird feeders for your enjoyment is if you can find a location somewhat close to a window in your home. Hang it near a kitchen window so you can see the birds while you’re doing the dishes. Just don’t hang it too close to a window. Sometimes depending on the light of the day they can’t distinguish the window is there and may fly into it. We definitely don’t want that.
  5. You don’t really want to hang the bird feeder too close to your garden. I know it would probably look real cute there but you need to think of the mess. Some of that bird seed is going to get spilled out onto the ground and it will cultivate when you supply the water to your garden.
  6. Next, string the feeder through the line through the loop at the top of the feeder and tie it off to each tree and fill it with seed.


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