How To Hang Curtain Panels from the Ceiling

Usually, curtains are hanged just a few inches above the window. Having curtain panels from the ceiling seems like odd. But many households do this for different purposes. Hanging curtains from the ceiling replace the traditional wallpaper and paint when the curtains are against the wall. Some people would hang curtains from the ceiling to serve like a division between parts of a room. With this, you don’t have to install a plywood, buy a divider, or build a brick to separate the room.

However, it’s more difficult to hang curtain panels from the ceiling than doing it the traditional way. But it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to do. Hanging curtain panels from the ceiling is done through following the steps below:

  • Plan everything. Where will the curtain panels be hanged from? It should be on the strong part of the ceiling. The part where the ceiling foundation is attached is usually the best place to hang curtain panels. Measure how long the curtain rod should be and how many mount brackets will be needed. The longer the rods, the more brackets are needed. Take note also of the type of curtains you are planning to hang from the ceiling. Heavy curtains might accidentally fall if the rod is not strong enough or the brackets are insufficient. By planning everything, you’ll know the materials you’ll need to complete the project.
  • Install the curtain brackets. These are where the curtain rods will be placed. First, mark the spots where the brackets will be installed. Use a measuring tape and a pencil to mark the spots. Double check the measurement before drilling holes on the ceiling. After drilling holes, attach the brackets to your planned spots. Most brackets are attached using screws but some are better with nails.
  • Install the curtain rod. Curtain rods have finials that lock them in the brackets. Detach the finials from the rod and slid the rod through the brackets. Secure the rods by attaching the finials again.
  • Hang the curtain from the curtain rods. Make sure first that the curtains are of correct length and width. You don’t want to remove an attached curtain just because it’s shorter or smaller than what you want to be hanging from the ceiling. Curtains are hanged in various ways. Some curtains have attached ring-like fabrics, which have to be inserted through the rod. Some has to be installed with pin-like metals and hang these from the rod. Other curtains have a wide top portion, which is enough to be inserted through the rod. Assess how your curtain should be hanged from the curtain rod and attach it using the best way possible.
  • Adjust the curtain. Finally, the hard part is over and now, for the finishing—adjust the curtain’s draperies. These will give drama to the curtain. If you don’t want some draperies, then spread the curtain out to straighten its look.

This is the simplest way to hang curtain panels from the ceiling. You can add more curtain rods if you want double-sided curtain panels. You may also add more than two curtain rods if you wish to make princess-like curtain attachment in the room. Imagine sophisticated fabrics hanging from one rod to another. It will give that palace-like drama to your room. For sure, there are more ways on how to hang curtain panels from the ceiling. Think out of the box and you might come up with a very interesting style.


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