How To Hang Curtains

One of the easiest yet most effective ways to give a room a new look is by changing the curtains. A curtain changes the aura of a room. Besides the aesthetics value, curtains are also practically useful. They can add warmth during winter or can lessen the warmth of a hot summer day. They can also add mystery or rather privacy to a room. But before you can enjoy all these curtain benefits, you have to know how to hang curtains first.

First of all, you should choose the right design and height of the curtains for the room. Choose the design that best fits the room. Consider the furniture pieces in the room, color of the wall, the window, and other display objects in the room.

Decide on how you will hang the curtains. You should consider the structure of the curtains for this. Curtains with stitched portions for the curtain rod should obviously use curtain rods. Curtains that only have spaces for curtain hooks should be hung with hooks. A smaller curtain rod will be needed to hang this kind of curtain. There is also another kind of curtain that needs to be hung by inserting a string or a wire through the space provided between the curtain fabric.

You are ready to hang that curtain if you have all the right tools and right materials for the project. Here’s what you should do:

Install the thing from where the curtain will hang. This is necessary especially if it’s the first time you’ll hang a curtain on that part of the wall. Whether you’ll use curtain rods or string, you need to properly and accurately install the two points that will hold the thing. You don’t want to get frustrated with the imperfect alignment of your curtain. So make sure you installed the two points accurately.

Curtain rods usually come with its two points that will hold the rods. For strings and wires, you’ll need hooks or nails. Hooks are safer than the nails, though.

Hang the curtains. If you’ll be using curtain rod, you’ll have to insert the rod through the small fabric rings. For curtains that need hooks, make sure you have a complete set of hooks for balanced curtain hanging. You’ll hang this kind of curtain by hanging the hooks from the rod.

Meanwhile, curtains with a stitched fold on the top have to be hung with string or wire. You can also use the curtain rod if it will fit. Simply pass the rod through the space provided between the fold. If you’ll be using string, better tie the string to a safety pin so you can easily pass it through the space. Wires, on the other hand, must be folded on the tip for easy passing, too.

Now, your curtain is ready for hanging. Make the final touch for the curtains. Fix the draperies, add some ribbons, or tie some curtains. Do as you please and enjoy doing the final touch.

Don’t forget to check how your new curtain looks from a distance. It should be as how you planned it to be.

Finally, you can relax in your room that looks like brand new. Thanks for the simple help from your extraordinary curtains, and of course, your new curtain hanging skill.


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