How To Hang Curtains Around French Doors

French doors are exquisite on their own, but the right curtains can give it a whole new look. Curtains especially afford you privacy and protection from curious eyes. However, unlike windows, doors are often opened and closed, and curtains that aren’t strategically or properly hung can become a nuisance. There are many creative ways to prettify your French windows. You can opt for flowy drapes, modern blinds, or even shades. Whichever you choose, you’ll find that the following steps apply to almost all types:

  • Perfect match. Before anything else, measure the size of your doors. Take note of the area where you plan to attach the rods for your curtains. Decide if you want the curtains attached to the top and bottom parts of the door, or on the wall above the doors. If you’re going for the former, consider a few inches allowance on either side of the door. If you’ve decided to attach your curtains to the actual door, include a few inches on either side of the glass window in your measurement.
  • Pair the rod with the curtain. Once you’ve decided on what style to use, it’s time to go and buy your materials! When buying rods (or curtains), make sure that they fit each other. It’s best to purchase both at the same time so that you can test if the rods fit into the curtain casings.
  • Make your mark. Before you drill any permanent holes into your door or wall, measure and pencil in where you plan to hang your rods. Make sure the rods will hang straight. You don’t want lopsided curtains.
  • Prepare to mount your rods by drilling a small hole. Doing this will require less effort from you when it’s time to screw the rods in. After you’ve done this, mount one side of the rod, slip the curtains in, and then finish screwing the other end. If you’ve chosen to hang your curtains to the actual door, remember to mount the bottom rods the same way you mounted the top rods. Repeat on the other door.
  • Personalize your curtains. If you’re feeling extra crafty, you can skip shopping for curtains and look for fabric that catches your eye. Using your measurements, get the right length of fabric. For the length, add 1.5 inches to both ends, and for the width, cut double the size of the windows. Add lining, hem the edges and make the pockets/casings. To make the casings, fold the edge a fourth of an inch, then half an inch, then sew. Repeat on the bottom of the fabric and voila! Handpicked and hand-sewn curtains to perfectly match your house!
  • Add some flair to your curtains with ribbons or classy clips. If you want to let the sun shine in on a particularly nice day out without completely pulling back your curtains, pick out something to hold back your curtains. It can be a nice lacy ribbon to tie around the middle of your curtains for a peek-a-boo effect, or hooks to hold your curtains in place to either side of the window.

With these tips, you’ll be able to get the privacy and protection you want without sacrificing the artistry of your French doors.


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