How To Hang Curtains in a Bay Window

Bay windows are beautiful spaces in the house that can be perfect for a relaxing night of reading or just right for pondering. During a nice day, it’s a good spot to bask in some sunshine. Add the perfect touch to your beautiful bay windows with a nice set of curtains. The positioning of the windows may look a bit daunting, since there is more than one panel to tend to, but with the right approach, the task can be just as easy as dressing a regular window.

  • Make sure you have all tools needed. Before anything else, have your tools and materials available on hand. You’ll need a tape measure, curtain rods, hardware, a drill, a carpenter level, and curtains. If you have anchors or brackets from an old installation, have a nail punch, a hammer, drywall compound and a putty knife available.
  • Straight or broken down. There are two ways to go about installing curtains to your bay window. There is a special type of rod available in the market that bends in the right places to adapt to any type of bay window. Another type is putting curtains on each windowpane separately.
  • Panel by panel. If you want to use the multiple panel method, first measure each one and mark your measurements with a pencil. With your measurements in place, trek down to the store and choose the kind of rods and curtains you want to use.
  • Balancing act. Use a carpenter level to make sure that your rod placements are straight. Take note that the end rods should be placed at the same level while the middle rod should sit 3 to 4 inches higher.
  • Preparing your brackets. Use a drill to make a hole into the wall. Secure the brackets or anchors into place and hang the rods.
  • Panel placements. Based on your measurements, choose your desired panels and install.
  • Curtain call. Now that everything is in place, it’s time to hang your curtains. If your bay window has seats, make sure to choose a set of curtains short enough to graze the seats. Otherwise, you can opt for full-length curtains that hang to the floor. Once you’ve made your choice, simply run the rod through the curtain casings and you’re done!
  • Curtain garnish. Tiebacks are both functional and aesthetically appealing and can give your curtains that overall finished look. This little detail can complete the look of bay window while providing you with the freedom to enjoy your privacy or relish a good view. Pick one that matches your curtains.
  • Clean up. If you have old brackets or anchors still mounted on your wall, it can be pretty unsightly. To remedy this, use your hammer and nail punch and pound it into the wall. Fill the holes with the compound using your putty knife. Let it set, then use sandpaper and paint to smoothen out the area.

Follow the steps with care and you’ll have your bay windows prettily set up in no time!


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