How To Hang Curtains in a Corner Window

Girl and window drapes
Corner windows may be a bit trickier to adorn compared to regular windows, but that’s no reason to leave it bare and dull. With some patience and these tips, you can prettify those windows to perfection:

  • Envision your dream corner window. First, decide how you want to decorate your corner window. Do you want the curtains to fall just below the sill, or do you want it full-length and grazing the floor? Look through magazines or get ideas from home decorating shows to see what look you feel is fit for your home.
  • Make a shopping list. Before you get down to business, make sure you have everything. Having everything within reach also makes you time efficient. You’ll need a measuring tape, writing instruments to jot down your measurements, a ladder to reach the top of your windows, a drill, a screwdriver, brackets for your rods, and of course, rods and curtains.
  • Gather ideas. If you don’t know what look you want for your windows, browsing through home decorating magazines or books will help give you tips. If you’re feeling extra crafty, you can even opt to make your own personalized curtains.
  • Get scientific. Before anything else, take down the measurements of your window. For the rods, make sure to leave an extra half-inch on either side of your windows. If your rods are too short, your curtains will look awkward when hung. Then, measure the height of your windows for your curtains. If you choose to have floor-length curtains, make sure to include the proper measurements from the top of your window to the floor.
  • Shopping time. If you don’t have the materials needed yet, it’s time to hit the stores to stock up. When you choose your rods and curtains, make use of the expertise of store clerks who are equipped with knowledge on window matters. There are rods made especially for corner windows, and if the available styles fit your liking, it’s best to go with these. You should also make sure that the rods are fit for the weight of the curtains. If the rods are too light or flimsy and your curtains are heavy, the rods may not hold up.
  • Getting down to business. Now that you’re all set, get ready to prettify your windows. If your house isn’t too well-lit, you may want to wait until daytime to get to work. Lack of proper lighting may slow down your work and cause you to make mistakes. You can use a level or a ruler to make sure your rod is hung straight. Using your rods, mark the areas on your wall or window as a guide for drilling. You don’t want to make mistakes and have a wall full of holes. To make mounting easier, prepare a tiny hole with your drill before using your screwdriver to set the screws into place. Thread the curtain through the rod, then set the rod on the brackets. Repeat the steps to attach curtains to the other half of the corner windows.

Decorating your corner windows can be very easy if you follow directions and plan properly. It also helps to get assistance from friends or family members who have the time to spare.


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