How To Hang Curtains Using Curtain Rings

Curtains are the best solution to give that old plain window some character and life. The use of curtains has been permanently on the list of an interior decorator in completing a look of a room. In hanging curtains, the use of curtain rings is one of the most common methods. Opposite to any game rules, the task of hanging curtains is not measured by how fast you have accomplished the task. Rather, be ready to take your time in this meticulous work. As they say, when curtains are not hung properly, it destroys its very purpose.

Here are the steps you can follow in hanging curtains using curtain rings:

  • First, you need to purchase the right kind and decorative type of rod that will fit your window perfectly. Make sure to purchase the type that will coordinate your window not just by color, but also by length and style.
  • After you have chosen the right rod, you are now ready to purchase your curtain rings. Curtain rings also come with a wide variety to choose from. You can match the ring's finish (whether it is bass or metal) to the rod. But more importantly, you have to know how many curtain rings you will need. To make sure of the adequacy of curtain rings you will purchase, you can divide the rod or window panel length into 6. This is to avoid crowding of your curtain. You have to allow at least 6 inches distance between curtain rings. You also have to be mindful of the diameter of the rings versus the diameter of the rod. You have to make the rings slide just as easily. To get the right measurements, your rings have to be wider by ¼ inch than your rod's diameter.
  • Once you have your rods and rings ready, you can now choose your curtains to fit your decorative plan, as well as the place where it is to be hanged. Before starting your work, make sure that there are no obstacles around the area especially if you are to use a ladder. Your priority would have to be your safety, and you can achieve this by maintaining the ladder's stability while you are on top of it. It is always best to know when you will need any help, especially when dealing with big windows with an equally big curtains.
  • Lay your curtains in an area for easy attachments of clips. You can start on the outside end of the rod until you have attached all the rings. The last ring should have a distance of ½ inch from the rod's edge. You might find stoppers useful in preventing the rings from slipping off the edge of the rod.
  • Once you have hanged the rod together with the curtain, you can now evenly space out your curtain rings so that the curtain folds will hang appealingly.

Hanging curtains is often done by professional installers and interior decorators. However, it can also be a "do- it- yourself" task considering you have a creative mind and an organized taste.


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